First Grade Schoolhouse: Zoo Animals Writing and Field Trip

The Babel Zoo Writing Emporium was formed from the fallen industrial empire of the exiled, and infamously baffling, Babel Brothers… or as a gathering for eccentric writers. I can'۪t really remember. Anyhow… it exists!

Its primary function is to unite together the best writing talent of a generation, in order to subvert the theocratic hegemony of old people. Mostly, however, its members just write silly poems, prose and plays, and take part in weird writing games.

Each year the Babel Zoo takes on a new focus: in 2014 we were The Last Poets; in 2013 we published a collaborative novella, The First Year of Trouble at Bannside High, for Amazon Kindle:

This year we are exploring the innate urge of expression, as:

The Babel Zoo meets in room 11 on the Lodge Road site, every Friday, at lunchtime.
Membership Requirements: Only GCSE/Alevel English Literature Students can apply for membership. If you wish to attend, then you should speak with Mr Pepin. If you pass the entrance test, then you commit yourself to writing and reciting. Good luck!

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The first workshop took place in July 2013 and saw 13 young writers interview a host of experts at the Heidelberg Zoo writing stories on conservation projects and features on the staff and animals.

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I’ve recently finished researching and writing an essay about the zoo, based on the Wheeler Centre/Melbourne Zoo writing fellowship I did at the end of last year. This ended a huge stint of reading mostly zoo-related fiction and non-fiction, and all of a sudden I was at liberty to read whatever I wanted. So obviously I read a book about animals. New habits die hard, or something. Anyhow, I picked this up because obviously Sedaris is fun, and I needed something fun and light. The last book I read for research was a long novel that was far out of my comfort zone (i.e. I hated it), so I wanted just to ease back into leisure reading.

If I Ran the Zoo Story Writing Grades Various Ask students to write their own story entitled: ..
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On the surface, they seem related to the types of works mentioned above. But what sets them apart is the attempt to expose the human soul of their stories. Both books go beyond the nativist rhetoric of the blather-sphere (the deadly invasion of our pristine republic) and the turgid data spew of the polemicists. Here we have two authors (yes, gringos) who have a profound feeling for the subject, as well as narrative skill -- and who respect their sources. Each offers ample room for the testimony of the people involved. This is no my-day-at-the-zoo writing.

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Zoo Writing (Zoo-Keeper Application & Guess My Animal)

Zoo Writing has become one of the most popular activities for beginning writers. The movie starts with a quick tour around the zoo as the students get to see the many different animals living at the zoo. This is followed by a guided writing session where the students get help with writing basic sentences. For best results, click on full screen when viewing.