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By the way I have no interest in having any Yahoo ID. I have a flickr account (photoroobit), which I would like to delete but I cannot sign into it. I am sure I created that account before Yahoo takeover of Flickr and I do not have a Yahoo ID for it. Likewise when I delete accounts with this Yahoo ID, it keeps on creating new ones. This is a very pushy way to treat people and the system presents a multiple identity disorder, a case of digital schizophrenia. Anyway is there a way to sign into flickr without that damn yahoo and how can one delete an account with no yahoo id associated with it. Thanks everyone.

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One of the reasons Meyer is so vocal about this is that she wants to reassure Tumblr's community. The Tumblr crowd is notably, well, emotional and somewhat "indy." There is certainly a danger that anything viewed as a Yahoo takeover would send them fleeing to rivals.

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One possible start-up that seems ripe for a Yahoo takeover is Criteo, a Palo Alto-based retargeting firm that has drawn comparisons to Google AdWords. Several rumors have been swirling in San Francisco about a Criteo acquisition. One source even phoned with a terse line: "'Blue Horseshoe likes Criteo'--a reference to a scene from the movie Wall Street, where a banker calls a reporter to tip him off about a coming acquisition."

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