Guidelines for Writing an Article Critique

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Steps to writing an article critique, descriptive essay example middle school.

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Writing an article critique is somewhat challenging. It is not just about analyzing an article. You also have to evaluate whether the author has succeeded in conveying his purpose or not. It doesn’t only require good writing skills. For your article critique to be effective, you also need to have an adequate knowledge on the subject matter. But if you are not good at it, no worries. Listed below are the answers to your question on how to write an article critique.

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Writing an article critique is much more than providing a summary of another's writing. It is also an analysis, an interpretation, and an evaluation of that writing. The critique provides information on not only what the main idea of the article is, but also what the author's purpose is, the intended audience, and how the author supports the points stated in the article. In addition, the critique identifies any possible biases on the part of the author. Furthermore, the critique examines how the article is organized and determines whether information or ideas are presented in a logical and coherent manner. Finally, the critique offers an opinion as to the usefulness and credibility of what the author has presented on the topic of discussion.

Writing an Article Critique
Steps to writing an article critique, Homework newspaper copy editor job description jacksonville Post.

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As with other types of , an article critique has to be written in formal language and using a structured format. It should consist of an introduction, several body paragraphs and a conclusion. Though the general pattern is similar, some formatting styles have certain specific guidelines for writing an article critique. It is important to study how to write a critique properly and to be sure what each formatting style requires. In order to be able to , a writer must also have a full understanding of the topic they are analysing.

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Steps involved in writing an article critique:
1. Read the article for the first time to understand its main ideas. If you are unsure if you understand it clearly, reread it.
2. Once you feel you understand what the article is talking about, read the article again and make notes as you go. If you find any interesting sentences or paragraphs that you think should be discussed, you should quote them as evidence to support your discussion.
3. From your notes, analyse and discuss each important point. You can give your comments and opinions at this stage.
4. Summarise and provide a conclusion regarding whether you like or dislike the article. Support your ideas with the evidence you found.