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There is no doubt that women driving cars in Saudi Arabia is not the first or the most important issue for women in this country but it is one of the issues that persist on women's insistence on acquiring their own rights as long as there is no religious objection. Until today in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to have their own driver’s license. They are not permitted to drive their own cars at any place and at any time. The Saudi government is against women driving in Saudi as they think that it might cause many issues and problems for the society. Although some people oppose women driving in Saudi Arabia, some people think that women driving in Saudi could have its advantages for the women race and to the society as a whole. Opponents of women driving in Saudi claim that allowing women to drive is a decision against Islamic policies. However, this statement is completely erroneous. Islam was never said to put off women from driving, there is no single evidence or clue that supports this claim. Instead, Islam has given women rights in a way that men and women will share equality and uniformity in their society. Before Islam, women were treated like slaves or property. They had no self-independence and could not even own any possessions. Once Islam arrived, women were considered equal to men as a human being and as a partner in this life. Muslim women are not forbidden from going out in the community, working, or visiting relatives and female friends if there is no objection from their husband. Many readers fear that men, especially the young, will harass or chase female drivers. This is blaming the victim; if men are the guilty party then they are the ones that should be banned. For the most part, this is an issue that policemen should cope with not women. The problem of harassment can be sorted out only if the hostel and university authorities and the police work...

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“They spoke to my family and to me. My family is very scared and now they are putting pressure on me not to take part,” said one activist, who asked not to be quoted by name. “I still want to fight for the right for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, but I will not drive on Saturday.”

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Technically, it's not illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. There are no specific traffic laws against female drivers, , but religious edicts are often interpreted as forbidding the practice.

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women driving saudi arabia

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Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

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Women Driving In Saudi Arabia

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