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The DuPont license agreement required to access the Cre-Lox technology does not require the University to paya fee in order to use the technology for research purposes. However, the agreement does contain "reach through"provisions to inventions and income arising out of the use of the DuPont technology. Also, the wording of the licenseagreement is vague and could be interpreted to require the University to obtain a commercial license from DuPontto perform certain types of academic research and to transfer or commercialize materials and methods . The DuPont license raises the following issues:

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In this article we investigated whether academic departments do experience a trade-off among different research outputs. More specifically, we define four types of academic research outputs: quantity (publications); quality (citation indexes); research funds obtained through research grants; and applied research funds obtained through external orders. Subsequently, we define a department's performance through the concept of efficiency, namely the ability to maximize academic research output given an amount of inputs (facilities and human resources). Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), we measure efficiency for 69 academic departments (focused on scientific subjects) located in the Lombardy Region (Italy), benefiting from a unique data set containing detailed information on research inputs and outputs. The empirical analysis shows that efficiency rankings change significantly when considering different research-related outputs and thus it highlights different research strategies among the academic departments. These different strategies emerge also considering jointly all four types of outputs: the academic departments focus on different outputs in order to obtain the highest overall efficiency scores. In the last section, policy and managerial implications have been discussed.

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Through a grant provided by CURF'S PURM program in the summer of 2014, I was able to start working in the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research. I have been able to continue working at the Center, where my project topics have focused on healthcare quality improvement. My research interests include quality of care improvements, healthcare delivery, and healthcare financing. As a research assistant I have been able to learn about how Medicaid enrollees receive their care and how it can be improved. If you have any questions about how to get involved in policy research or other types of academic research, please send me an email!

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There is much current interest in incorporating the input and perspective of community members into research studies that target particular communities. Both federal funding and NIH Clinical Translational and Science Awards (CTSA) now require community engagement as part of a large-scale academic research infrastructure—a clear recognition of the new role that community engagement has, or should have, in at least some types of academic research. Many approaches have been used to involve community partners into the research process. While community is traditionally viewed in the domain of public health, clinicians () more broadly are starting to incorporate strategies to involve community input and perspective in their research, due, in part, to the potential to improve research recruitment, relevance, and quality (; Viswanathan et al., 2006).

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And, of course, make sure your research is accessible online, through your university or personal web page, or through hubs like the or Policy-relevant research generally doesn’t have as long a shelf life as some other types of academic research; and as we all know, academic journals are incredibly slow. Moreover, neither policymakers nor policy advocates have the time to read these journals. So don’t rely on journals to help inject your work into the policymaking process.

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Altmetrics is a new generation of imetrics (Milojević & Leydesdorff, 2013) used for measuring the impact of online events and interactions. These “alternative” metrics have been used to create new indicators for research assessment. One purpose of using altmetrics is to measure different types of academic research impact, rather than focusing solely on scientific impact as measured by citations. Altmetric indicators are becoming more widely recognized and popular, however they have been criticized for being vague with regards to their meanings and impact levels. One reason for this criticism is that they differ by functionality, data source, users, usage purposes, etc. A few classifications have grouped them based on their application or perception levels (Junping & Houqiang, 2015; Colledge, 2014), but many simply report altmetric indicators without noting these differences.