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Scientific research papers have a basic structure that is sometimes varied because of field of study, place of publication and author’s preferences and interests, but there are academic traditions that are important. What follows are some definitions and descriptions to help read and understand several types of academic papers.

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Types of academic research papers

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Apart from the above-mentioned 7 types of papers you are to write while in college, there are 30+ more types of academic papers you should know about. I'll talk about them in later posts.We provide all types of academic papers, including custom research papers, essays, term papers and book reports. Besides, we accept orders for projects such as Power Point presentations, database programming, business plans, etc. Structure and contents of a research paper This chapter describes the structure and contents of two main types of academic research papers, namely, conceptual research paper and empirical research paper. The structure of these papers is described by listing the major parts that are contained in them. The content of these two types of papers is described by outlining the major details of the research process and/or the outcomes that are included in the various main parts of these papers. In this chapter, the word ‘research’ is omitted in referring to conceptual research papers and empirical research papers, and they are referred to as conceptual papers and empirical papers, respectively. As outlined in Chapter 1 , the structure and contents of a dissertation/ - The essay forum is a great place to get help with essays and other types of academic papers. contain elements of both a conceptual paper and an empirical paper and, hence, the description of structure and contents aspects of a dissertation/thesis is not repeated. ... Writers have many years of experience in carrying out academic research and writing different types of academic papers. They have the specific skills needed for writing custom papers and each of them specializes in several fields of science. Many of writers also work as teachers, tutors and lecturers in colleges and universities.
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Writing instruction on WriteOnline is provided in brief, interactive components, which supports students as they move toward more complex writing projects. Guides can be used to form the foundation for an online or blended course in multiple disciplines (as adapted by faculty); individually as learning objects within courses (integrated by faculty); or for self-directed learning (by students). Examples are provided to help students better understand the format and language used in these types of academic papers, along with several downloadable and form-fillable PDF worksheets to guide students in their writing tasks. A Writing Practice tool also provides guidance to students as they begin writing their drafts online, which can be printed for future use.

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An essential approach in is to follow the instructions provided by the target journal. Authors must follow the format and the template of the target journal when preparing their papers for submission. In this paper, we focus on some standard procedures for writing the three most common types of academic papers, i.e., , , and .

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Most papers are written within four categories: exposition, description, narration, and persuasion. There are variations of different papers that are written in every main mode, however, each variation has the same overall purpose. So, let's describe these types of academic papers.