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2) Have students create tour guide speech. They can choose their own place or you can give them some examples, such as from the airport to the UF in Gainesville, or from an airport to an interesting place in their home town. They might be more comfortable to write about their familiar places. You can give this writing as an assignment.

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Read the tour guide speech on a shuttle bus from the airport to the resort.

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Direct students to synthesize their conclusions. They should use Google Docs to collaboratively complete the tour guide speech writing assignment. (45 minutes).

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Like most Bay Area residents, I love the smell of the ocean, the uniqueness of San Francisco and, ever dear to my heart, the Golden Gate Bridge. I remember as a little girl growing up in Chicago, sitting on my father's lap at his architectural drafting table, listening and watching as he carefully explained the phenomenal engineering and construction of the Golden Gate.

When I moved to northern California as an adult, it was a very emotional experience for me the first time I saw one of those majestic orange towers peeking through the fog. It remains so every time I drive across or walk the Golden Gate. That said, it's probably no surprise that one of my bucket list items has been to someday sail underneath it.

But bucket list items cannot be treated carelessly. Just the thought of sitting packed like a sardine on some crowded tour boat listening to its loud motor chugging along and/or worse, an amplified or recorded rote tour guide speech, makes me want to jump OFF a bridge!

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found that amid the crowd and noise of Pier 39 there awaits a portal of pleasure and escape named, AdventureCAT Sailing Charters. Not only is this ride super easy on the wallet ($40 for the daytime ride - discount for kids), but after 90 minutes on one of their stable, smooth-sailing, 65-foot catamarans, I felt like I'd been on vacation for a week.

My senses were reeling. Once we motored past the sea lions and out of the harbor, the sails went up and all I could hear was the wind and the water rushing past us. It was a beautiful Bay day as the sun sparkled off the receding city skyline.

The small crew (Captains Tom and Michael) were super friendly, helpful and accommodating without being invasive or overbearing. It was easy to see how much they love their jobs. Michael helped me walk up front so I could ride on one of the two hulls which are connected by a trampoline-like woven net that you can also stand, walk or sit on. You don't get wet if you're on the netting. That's not the ride I wanted. I stood on the hull, knees slightly bent, hanging on to the rail while gulping deep, cleansing breaths of sea air and feeling a surge of delight each time a wave splashed my legs.

We rounded Alcatraz and headed towards the Golden Gate. The closer we got, the more I felt like I was reuniting with a dear, old friend. Words can't do justice to the beauty of the view of the Marin Headlands or the bridge from the water. It's something you have to experience for yourself. It's something I'm going to want every person who visits me from out of town to experience, too. For 40 bucks (I'm sure tips are appreciated), AdventureCAT Sailing Charters makes that an easy do.

If you're reading this, Captains Tom and Michael, thank you for making my bucket list experience (and 59th birthday!) a cherished memory.

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