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During the course of the mock election, the students also learned about the role of the media in elections, about how polls are taken, and about the power of advertising to affect voters’ opinions.

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framework for the role of the media in elections

This is important because it would help them to report in ways that would support the electoral process and to provide nationwide coverage on activities of STAR-Ghana Grant Partners which sponsored the training programme. The programme took participants through topics such as the role of the media in elections; Hate Speech; creating awareness on how to uncover and deal with hidden prejudices, stereotypes and misconceptions; and Approaches to a responsible use of content and language.

mendations on the role of the media in elections

The Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation and Newsbreak Magazine, in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, held a public forum on the role of the media in elections. Entitled, “The Media in Elections: Manipulating or Informing?”, the event brought together some eighty media-practitioners from the Philippines and abroad.

In general, election laws and media laws create a framework for the role of the media in elections
The activities in this publication are organized by themes which include: Rights and Responsibilities – The Process, The Candidates and Issues at federal, state and local levels, The Role of the Media in Elections and Election Day Returns and Reflections. Each activity requires the use of the newspaper for successful completion. Patterson sharply criticizes the role of the media in elections by arguing that its fascination with the horse race element of campaigns undercuts its abilities to cover the issues.
Another issue that arises in connection with the role of the media in elections concerns debates

The Role of the Media In Elections, the media provides information

The training covered such topics as what research journalists could do to prepare, the role of the media in elections, international election standards, as well as the basic journalistic principles of accuracy, impartiality and fairness. Its focus on practical skills using cheap available mobile technology was particularly popular with the trainees. One trainee told us, “In most training I’ve done, we only learned from lectures but in this training we had a chance to practice the skills. We had to go out to film by ourselves and edit it ourselves. We reporters really enjoyed it - we don’t want to sit in one place all the time, we are curious and want to go around."

empirical studies on the role of the media in elections (see Lazarsfeld, Berelson, &

Particular attention is given to the role of the media in elections

The role of the media in elections is crucial because the media informs and educates the voters, both through journalism and political advertising. So, the media has a dual role. But one of these roles, educating the voter, has become a very low priority for the media. Instead, most media outlets see elections as an opportunity to generate income from campaign advertising, and because Mongolian election law does not really distinguish between professional election coverage and paid advertising, changing this situation will also require improving the legal framework. Of course, media outlets have to generate income, but they must generate it in a more professional way. Mongolia’s government allocates billions of tugriks of public funds to the media, and it’s not transparent how this money is being spent. We recently requested information from the ministries on how the so-called “information and advertising” budget is spent, and we discovered the majority goes to the media. The good news is that now we can get this type of budget allocation information through the Law on the Right to Information, whereas before, it was impossible. But we have to keep pushing.

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SOC-UA118 Themedia and mass communication in social context. Deals primarily withcontemporary American media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, andfilm. Formal and informal patterns of media control, content, audiences, andeffect. The persuasive power of the media, the role of the media in elections,and the effects on crime and violence. Does not deal with instructional mediaor aesthetic criticism.