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In The Road, the theme of survival is dealt with differently than in The Book Thief since The Road is a more traditional tale of survival. It’s about trying to physically survive living in an uncivilized environment(i.e. wilderness-like), a la shows like Lost or books like Lord of the Flies. Meanwhile, The Book Thief focuses more on people survivng through more emotional things such as guilt or grief.

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Courage beyond words.

Great Film! "The Book Thief" has wonderful photography by Florian Ballhaus, an excellent musical score by Golden Globe and Oscar winning John Williams, and best of all, marvelous acting from Sophie Nelisse as the young girl, Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson as her adoptive parents, and Ben Schnetzer as the Jewish boy they hide. Many of the core scenes with Nelisse, Watson, and Rush should be required viewing at any acting school. If the film has any fault at all, it is the decision by the film makers to try to walk a fine line between drama and fable. Having "Death" as the narrator right from the start seems to suggest fable, but the story itself veers sharply to drama for most of the 2+ hours, and then, noticeably at the end, reverts to fable. Some viewers may find this disconcerting. But the power of the story and the acting generally compensate for this short coming.

Based on the beloved bestselling book, THE BOOK THIEF tells the story of a spirited and courageous young girl who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany.

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A motif in The Book Thief is the “power of words”. The Book Thief emphasizes on the power of words. It illustrates that great good or harm can be caused by words, depending on the fashion in which they are used. For example, Hitler uses words to brainwash the German people and convince them that Jews are the source of all of their problems, and that putting them in concentration camps is the answer to their problems. Liesel uses words for good. Reading in most of her spare time. She read to Max to get him to wake up, and she reads to her papa building a even more stronger connection. Words in this book could mean life or death to some people, Rudy taking his chances when he answer Hitlers birthday wrong on purpose and is made to do laps.

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The Book Thief is a novel by Australian author Markus Zusak

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Using improvisational and role-playing exercises, Ali and Blake helped us become better acquainted with The Book Thief themes, plots, and.

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