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For example, a dissertation must make an "original" contribution to the body of knowledge in a specific area of study, and must prove that to be so. The only way a Ph.D. candidate (the author) can prove that is to read, analyze, and list what has already been done in the past, thus illustrating the need for new research. This is one of the most important things to do when planning and starting a dissertation.

How to Start a PhD Dissertation

Starting a Dissertation: What Do I Begin With?

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For data evaluation we divided the students into three groups: Group A: students with an ongoing or completed dissertation, regardless of the fact that they may have abandoned a previous project. Group B: students with abandoned dissertation projects, regardless of the fact that they might have started a new one. Group C: students who had never started a dissertation. Data are presented as arithmetic means and frequency distributions. We used the chi-square-distribution test and the t-test as statistical tests for independent samples. We applied the non-parametric Mann-Whitney-U-Test to confirm the t-test results.

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Results: Students in Group A referred significantly more often to their supervisor as being essential for choosing the topic of their dissertation project. Furthermore, students in Group A worked together with other students in self-organized support groups to debate methodological questions. They also discussed their project more frequently with a statistician. Students in Group C gave “interference with undergraduate studies” and “no time” as the most common reasons for not starting a dissertation.

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The term "substantial" indicates the dissertation thesis requires new information available only through new research, i.e., information that cannot be obtained by simply reviewing previous research. Again, the only way to identify and collect this type of information is to do a thorough literature review. Again, this is where the keys to starting a dissertation are to be found.Often, students are required to write dissertations. The first step of how to start a dissertation is to think critically and do background reading in order to come up with the right topic. It is advisable for students to find topics on issues that they care about. The topic should be about something that you have constantly thought about for sometime since at that time, you should look as if you are a leading expert in the field.Newsletter ListReceive help and assistance on how to start a dissertation. To start receiving this free newsletter, just to subscribe!If I were starting a dissertation now, I would go about using DropBox a little differently. The service itself worked well, but my communication about how to share writing could have been better. For me, a way to improve communication with faculty members about how to share my writing with them would be to have a conversation about it at the dissertation colloquium. The colloquium is probably the last time you will see all your committee together in the same room (before the defense itself) and I think it would be a more natural (or at least less awkward) space to bring up logistical issues.
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Starting a dissertation off on the wrong foot is easy to do if you have an introduction that is unfocused and rambling. An introduction is just that - something to introduce you to what will be contained within the paper. It is not meant to fully explain everything that you have done and take up several pages. Also keep in mind that the start of your dissertation should not be "anecdotal", or waste important words by stating what should be obvious. So where can you find checked examples that you can learn from? Read on below.....

If I were starting a dissertation now, I would go about using DropBox a little differently

Starting a dissertation is like starting an exercise program

If you are going to be starting a dissertation on a subject that is within the realm of geography, then you have an interesting journey ahead. You will be able to write about almost anything. The important element is that you write about a topic that will facilitate your ability to stand out among your classmates in order to get your career off to a good start. Some of the most important elements of writing a great dissertation include:

A common concern when starting a dissertation or research project is collecting enough data

Starting a Dissertation Project.

What is the single biggest mistake made by doctoral candidates who are having trouble planning or starting a dissertation? One of the most common mistake is, without a doubt, trying to formulate a Statement of the Problem, and list an hypotheses, without FIRST completing the Review of Literature. Why is this? Read on...