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I don’t think that having Sociological Imagination necessitates having a say or involvement in shaping things beyond oneself; however, it does mean that an awareness of the influences is present and therefore an opportunity to change ones own actions is present.

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Writing a sociological imagination essay also requires that you write like a sociologist. Because sociology is the study of groups of people, you seriously need to avoid individualizing any argument that you out across. Likewise, you need to avoid using generic terms such as “you”. Using generic terms simply serves to show your lack of understanding of the sociological enterprise. More importantly, you need to avoid introducing your personal opinion, experience or opinion on your writing. Doing so simply personalizes your writing. However, you may make use of such expressions as “I” to on sociology. This serves to reflect your ability and understanding of your sociological imagination.

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C. Wright Mills coined the phrase Sociological Imagination, in 1959, and most students in sociology fields will write at least one Sociological imagination essay during their academic studies. In particular, this type of essay is demonstrative of your ability to diagnosis symptoms of sociological needs while presenting reasons for the conditions of the self. Every student must determine a number of aspects that may influence the thinking patterns of the individual in relationship to the society that causes those thought patterns. This can be complicated; however, solid research and clear defining points can assist this in being the best of the essays you will develop during your educational endeavors.

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