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Furthermore, although foreign and not domestic, there are already many examples of the poor and powerless claiming their own struggle-albeit sometimes in nontraditional texts. Consider corridos, Latin American songs that tell stories of oppression, defiance and resistance, and revolution (as well as of César Chavez, the rebellion in Chiapas, feminism, and narcotrafficking). Another example of popular creative nonfiction is the Brazilian crônica, a short narrative essay or vignette that appears regularly in Brazilian newspapers and magazines. Crônicas are written about the commonplace and the everyday in an amusing, thoughtful, and engaging manner. In many of them there is a sense of the political, the civic, the communal-indirectly, satirically, or straightforwardly. Crônicas are important to Brazilians, and anyone, not just the intelligentsia, can write them and see them in print.

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Mute. 00:00. Assigned to write a short narrative essay, the student decided to use freewriting to help discover a topic. Judge for yourself how successful he was.

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