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Abdulla Alami, one of the main activists of the cause, recently published a book titled “When would Saudi women drive?”. He explained that the petition recommended lifting the ban on women driving and asked the council to set a tentative date for its discussion.

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This weekend, two people were in a car accident. One was hurt, one was killed. If this had happened in the US, it would be tragic, but it likely wouldn't be news. This incident, however, happened in Saudi Arabia, and the two...

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Saudi arabia women driving ban

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The rise of Islamist movements in the Arab Spring generally bodes poorly for women's rights. But in Saudi Arabia, a country dominated by fundamentalist Islam, women are quietly driving a revolution. Last month, Saudi crown...
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I have written many times about my perceptions of the lack of freedom for women in Saudi Arabia, but the topic I have focused on the most has been the ban on women driving within the country. The reason for this is because...
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Saudi Women Driving: October 2013

A campaign group called "October 26 Driving" posted videos of Saudi women driving around capital Riyadh - where Ms Hathloul lives - in protest against her being kept waiting at the border due to the rules imposed by senior clerics, which are not enshrined in written law or Islamic holy texts.

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Saudi Arabia Women Defy Driving Ban

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