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What has been the role of media in elections? How might televised debates influence campaign outcomes? In an interview with Maclean’s, Brian Mulroney credited his victory as Prime Minister to his performance in debates and thinks it continues to have an important influence, saying that Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley (See Nexalogy’s analysis of the Alberta election )

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21 Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, Free and Fair Elections, 2nd ed. (Geneva: Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2006),online: at 149. See pages 147-150 for bothpositive and negative examples about the role of media in elections.

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Recognizing the challenges of a new electoral system, the Emir established the Permanent Elections Committee of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in 2003 to raise public awareness of voting rights and responsibilities and also to empower citizens, particularly women, to participate in electoral processes. PEC activities have included public presentations to improve voter understanding of electoral processes and the role of the CMC. Presentations focused on topics such as the legal processes of elections; the role, responsibility and function of the Shura and municipal councils; the role of elections in a democracy; and the role of media in elections. The PEC has also overseen successful municipal council elections.

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can somebody tell me that what is the role of media in elections ? plzzz give me some details

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16th Feb 2014: The second day of the 10th Annual National Conference focussed on the role of media in elections as well as the grave necessity to address the most pressing problems in the electoral and political arena.

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Role of mass media in elections processes in Turkmenistan

This course examines these recent changes and explores the role of old and new media in transforming and communicating politics, development and social change on the African continent. Drawing on a range of cases from different parts of Africa, the course introduces students to key concepts and critical theoretical perspectives in political communication, global media studies, and development communication. The first part of the course examines the history of African media, the governance and regulation of media, the role of media in elections and nationalism, and the way in which new media are transforming the practice of journalism. The second part of the course situates African media within a global context and examines contesting media narratives of Africa, the impact of changing geopolitical relations on media landscapes, the role of media in citizen participation and the impact of mobile phones on social relations in everyday contexts.

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