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Students pick various topics for research papers on history, some of them are-colonial history, the civil war, ancient history, Chinese culture etc.
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Of course, it is impossible to write a research paper on art history without having reliable and informative art history resources. Just checking out Wikipedia is not enough, at least for a serious research paper. That’s why you should spend a certain amount of time looking for necessary materials. Even if most of your essay or research paper will contain your thoughts, you have to support them with researches performed by prominent scholars. Look for online sources of information, as well as printed books, magazines and scientific publications. You need to pay attention to reliability of art history resources. Do not trust websites having a free hosting. Use only trusted sources of information.

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This course will provide an overview of family life in the United States, beginning before the forming of the U.S. in colonial history and extending up to the present. Topics emphasized will be the history of childhood and adolescence, dating and courtship, sex and reproduction, husband-wife relations, female-headed households, and aging. The course will also examine major transformation in family structure and authority patterns, and consequences of those transformations. Among the assignments will be an analysis of family photos and a possible research paper on history of the student’s family.

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“Histories of Childhood, A Global Perspective” explores how cultures and societies attributed different meanings and expectations to childhood. We will examine what it has meant to be a child and how children experienced their youth in a variety of geographical and historical settings. The course asks where we can find children’s voices in the historical record by looking at a broad range of sources, including magazines, films, autobiographies, clothing, toys, court cases, photographs, and children’s literature. The goal here is to produce an original research paper based on such historical documents and building on themes from the course like the child and the state, children of empire, gender and sexuality, parenthood, education, and health. We will be challenged to think creatively and critically about the uses of history and place of children in our world.