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Leon: The Professional Movie Review

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Movie reviews are fun when you read them. They can be a disaster when you have to write one. So what does it take to write a professional movie review as assigned in your college or university art and cinematography classes? It takes just about every other skill you need to use to write essays and term papers. Plus you have to watch the movie you are to write a movie review on.I did something at one point that maybe only the fellow vain will really understand. I would save the webpages of Ebert’s reviews and open them up on my hard drive to edit them. I replaced Roger’s name with my name and replaced his title and text with my own. After I finished, I would be looking at a perfect imitation of a professional movie review on a professional site, complete with bright yellow stars (1 to four). Obviously I was doing what many young boys do: Trying to look and sound (to myself most of all) like those I admired. But now, 15 or so years later and looking back, I realize I was doing something else. I was trying to catch Ebert’s gifts by osmosis. I figured if my words looked like his, they would eventually sound like his.
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The body should contain the objective analysis of the mechanics of the movie and its plot. The student should present the information in the logical paragraph by paragraph way covering all the important elements required for the professional movie review. In the end the student should conclude the review successfully evaluating the film properly defining its relevance, informative value, and comparing it to the similar movies of this genre and to the movies of the same director.