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While eCTD is the way forward, majority of the developed and developing nations still support paper submissions as opposed to electronic submissions until they are equipped to fully accommodate electronic submissions.

PharmaReady Paper Publishing Module (PPM) is a latest addition to the regulatory submission suite of products. The paper publishing module is a complete web based application. This tool helps pharmaceutical companies in creating a paper submission via an array of simple to use screens. The final output is a portable document format (PDF) file that can be printed and submitted to the appropriate regulatory body. The module also helps one to save the output in a CD and submit it as NEES (Non eCTD Electronic Submission) submission, which still is a widely accepted form of submission for many EU countries.

PPM aids pharmaceutical companies who need to submit drug approval applications to regulatory bodies in a non electronic format. Once submitted the same can be stored as template for the particular nation and can be reused as and when required, reducing the challenge of recreating the same.

The application also brings lot of visibility to the organization on the submission that they are working by easing the process of review and saving large amount of wasted printed papers, thereby reducing the organization overheads and valuable time. So, PPM can be used to create submission similar to any eCTD submission and the output of the whole submission will be compiled as one PDF file per volume. This can later be printed out and submitted to the regulatory body of the appropriate country.

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Mit dem Kristallpalast auf Arkon I liegt nun bereits die vierte Ausgabe von PR Paper vor, und auch diesmal haben wir uns wieder etwas ganz besonderes ausgedacht.

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