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Ok, the first time at this store... I was a bit lost with the big selection of paper... I was surprised how they had so many choices in paper and envelopes but i thought that was neat. Also my friend recommended kelly paper to me because it was good pricing.. and I think the pricing seems fair. I don't know the difference in paper they have to be honest.

Two things I will tell you I didnt like. It's my first time there and no one greeted me. No one even tried to help me at all. I felt like I was on my own here. I even had employees walked past me and not even bother to talk to me and see if I need help. This happened twice. While i was there. Also , they sound loud chatting away, talking to each other rather than helping out customers. When I got to the cashier , she was friendly and I did tell her it was my first time visiting. Usually people ask if I liked the store or did I find everything I was looking for. Uhm, no she didnt do that. If she had did that, it would help me so much to make sure I was buying the correct paper for myself...but she didnt socialize... that is fine...

now when I got home, I found out that gloss copier paper does not work on inkjet printers. It did not print the text on my paper. I did not know that there were different papers for different types of printers. I thought they were good for all types of printers. If I actually got help from employees that be great but instead I walk in a warehouse that was more busy chatting amongst themselves than to help customers.

Basically the paper prices seem fair, but do your research for paper first. Don't expect them to help you, because they basically ignored me twice... now I know not to go in there without know exactly what paper to buy... I dont even know if i can return the paper... when I read their return policy, you cant return it without their permission. And you dont get a full refund for using the paper, I printed 3 pieces of paper... thinking it was my printer then researched this product to find out laser paper is different from inkjet paper. Gloss copier color paper doesnt work on inkjets... well now I know after experimenting with it.

At this point, I will use it but it looks like I need to take it to Kinkos to use it until i can afford to get a laser printer. In the meantime, make sure you know exactly what paper you want, they do not help you at all. Will I go back? I might if i know exactly what paper I want but I need to make sure it works on my printer before buying it.

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Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby, a great creative outlet and a way to archive and display important photos and other mementos. But the foundation of a is its and there are so many different kinds of paper available. How can a new scrapbooker decide what kind of paper to buy for what use? Even some online instructions seem to assume the reader already knows what these different kinds of paper are and what they are all for. Fortunately, within certain very broad limits, choice of paper is really up to the scrapbooker. It is a creative decision. But a basic overview of the different kinds of paper and how most people use them should help beginners make choices confidently.

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