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A ten-minute time limit will be given to each advocate to make their opening speeches. Opening speeches should outline general arguments of each party while simultaneously rebuking opposing party’s contentions. The order of speeches will be alternative, starting from the applicant party and then moving to respondent party and then applicant party… . Until everyone has given their speech.

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Groom and Bride
The second order of wedding speeches traditionally the groom replies, but the bride can also take this role or they can deliver a speech together. This wedding speech should involve thanking all those who contributed to the wedding day, including the bridal party, and acknowledging the support and love of their parents. The groom should thank the bride (and she, vice versa) and end with a toast to the bridesmaids.

Order of speeches and right of reply

Father of the Bride
The first order of wedding speeches comes as a toast to the happy bride and groom and generally comes from the father of the bride. After toasting their union he will thank guests for attending and make any special mentions. During his wedding speech he can then share any amusing or special moments and offer some advice to the couple as they enter married life.

And usually, the Order of Wedding Speeches will be similar to the Order of Wedding Toasts.
Traditionally or otherwise the Mother of the Bride, the Father of the Groom and the Bride herself are among the others who would want to speak. Technically the Father of the Groom speech is more like a best man speech from the grom's father. There is no hard and fast rule as to when the Mother of the Bride speak - ideally she might follow the Maid of Honor. And when it comes to the Bride, you din't see a bride giving a too often but if she does she is often the last speaker in the order of wedding speeches and thanks everybody for their kind words and blessings. A wedding often has to go along with a variety of customs and traditions. The speeches that are given during the wedding reception party are easily one of our prominent wedding traditions. Traditionally, the order of wedding speeches has been created to ensure that they could always be in the most natural and meaningful order. But having said that, the order may vary from a wedding to another depending on the customs and practices that are unique to the families or communities.The traditional ordering of the wedding speeches is not required, even at traditional weddings. The bride and groom have the ultimate decision of the ordering of the wedding speeches. The two will be able to decide the order of the speeches by determining who has experience in public speaking, the speaker’s personalities, and by the tone of the speech.
Again, the proper order of the speeches in which they are going to be delivered needs to be decided by the couple and their families when they are planning for the wedding. Hopefully his article is going to help them to come to a decision, and if you are somebody scheduled to give a wedding speech, it is a good idea to know just when you are supposed to give your speech.
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The Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts in a traditional English wedding

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The thought of making a wedding speech makes most people nervous, and even the more experienced speakers can feel the nerves at the thought of a wedding speech. We put together some tips and advice which details the order of the speeches, who should speak, what should be included and how to deliver to a wedding speech.

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The Order of Wedding Speeches at the Wedding Reception

These days the running order of speeches and the structure of the reception can be flexible but traditionally, the Father-of-the-Bride (or close family member) makes the first speech, welcoming everyone and proposing a toast to the Bride and Groom. The Groom then responds ending with a toast to the bridesmaids. The Best Man then responds on behalf of the bridesmaids and gives an entertaining speech, which may also end in a toast. These days the bride or bridesmaid may also want to say a few words but that’s got nothing to do with this site.