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ERPA, founded by some of the key contemporary European Integration scholars, is a common access point for a whole range of high-quality online series in the field of European integration research. Member series include the Jean Monnnet Working Papers, the Working Papers of the Max Planck Institute, and the European Integration online Papers, among many others.

The European Integration online Papers (EIoP) are the first peer reviewed online research paper series in the field of European integration. The EIoP is published by the executive committee of the European Communities Studies Association Austria (ECSA-Austria) since April 1997.

The AEI is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification hosted at the University of Pittsburgh (US). The AEI collects two types of materials: certain types of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/European Union documents.

This series of discussion papers in English and German, published by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, comprises articles based on current projects and on contributions by visiting researchers that are generally intended for publication in scholarly journals.

The Working Paper series presents research resulting from the Emile Noël Fellowships and other participants at NYU's Jean Monnet Centre. The archive includes papers from 1995 onward.

CADMUS is a comprehensive source of bibliographical data of publications by the EUI community, including working papers, policy papers and lectures. They can be browsed and wherever possible downloaded in full text from the repositories listed on this EUI website.

ARENA – Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo - has published working papers since 1994 and on-line editions dates back to approx. mid-1996. They are pre-prints of articles and book chapters.

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The Center for Studies in Higher Education publishes online research papers and essays that reflect multidisciplinary fields, contribute to influencing and expanding the body of research on higher education, and enhance dialogue among educators, policy makers, and the public.

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Sample dissertations and academic essays can also serve as effective guides for students who need to do some technical writing of their own. Online research papers, however, are not always published in their entirety for reasons of copyright protection and the like. Usually only a brief description of the study and the resultant findings are made available for general viewing, and the rest of the paper can be purchased at designated prices. Since expansion of knowledge is a constant undertaking that never finds an end, research is vital to everyday living, most especially to academic endeavors and business ventures. Research is the best way we can expand what we already know about the world, in order for us to improve the way we live based on what is currently the social, economic, and biological situation.

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