How to Make a Revision Timetable: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

These are useful and effective tools that can help you prepare for exams and achieve the grades you deserve. Some people prefer sized daily or weekly timetables whilst others prefer larger wall sized charts that cover a month long period. Whatever your preference you can use the revision timetable templates on this page as a base to your revision periods. Our blank timetables can be downloaded, and then printed off or saved on to your computer. This gives you the option of filling in a paper or online version.

Tips on making a revision timetable:

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How to Make a GCSE Revision Timetable

Exams can be stressful. Check out some top tips from n2k and also 2004 Teacher of the Year, Phil Beadle. Revision Plan, plan, plan The key to revision is planning your time properly. That means making a revision timetable and

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Especially of stationery. When drawing up a battle plan, large sheets of A3 are essential pieces of kit, both for making a revision timetable and for making at-a-glance charts showing, say, the Good Things and Bad Things about the Industrial Revolution. Highlighter pens are invaluable for marking out key facts, and different coloured felt tips help the brain cells with the memorising process (for example, red for acids, blue for alkalis).

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The best way to make a revision timetable is really to see how revision suits you

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Making a revision timetable should not end up being a bigger project than the revision itself! Do not be tempted to meticulously subdivide each power into the minutiae of the subjects you need to study. Keep any timetable you make as simple as possible.

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No doubt your teachers have been banging on about this for what seems like forever, and now you’re probably bored of hearing it, but the best way to ensure you stay on top of everything is by making a revision timetable. Splitting your revision into tiny little chunks will make it look much less scary and more achievable. So first, whack in all of your unavoidable commitments (to be honest it's probably best to put off as many as you can, for now) then timetable in different revision sessions each day. Don't forget to be realistic, though – don’t just cram all your revision into one whole day, it’ll kill you.

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