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The Legal paper size is 0.5" (13mm) wider than the Foolscap paper size and 1.0" (25mm) longer. The difference in overall area is 0.012 sq yd (approx 0.010 sq m) with Legal paper being bigger.

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Terminology: 8 1/2

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A deposit, either by cash, check, money order, or an order of indigence must accompany legal papers submitted for service. For information about service fees please review the . To limit the number of attempts, the plaintiff should include as much information as possible about the person / business who they want served so that successful service can be accomplished on the first attempt.

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There are time limit considerations for all different legal papers. Please refer to the for those required limits. It is recommended that the plaintiff allow sufficient time for service. The civil process division handles hundreds of papers on a monthly basis and documents are usually executed with consideration to expiration dates.

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Legal Papers is the place to come with your questions - we'll do our best to provide the answers quickly and efficiently. If you're in a bind, we can help.Legal Papers has invested in technology so you can review the status of any service by clicking your mouse. Real time accuracy is assured because we update our database several times daily. Simply log in to your account and read the most current updates.Legal Papers has the tools to find information available on public records - the kind of data attorneys need to win cases. Of course, we have our trade secrets, but our business practices are 100% legal, ethical and detail oriented.For all papers available in legal size, refer the tables below for inkjet and laser/copier papers (or use the quick navigation links above to go to a table).

Legal size paper is used for applications such as brochures and legal documents. It is a standardized paper size (English measurement system) in the United States and in other countries which still rely on English-based paper sizes. The legal size paper dimensions are 8.5-inches by 14-inches.If you're tired of dealing with process servers who are inexperienced, technologically disadvantaged and unaware of how to provide the right customer service - sign up with Legal Papers today!
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In addition to the legal size paper listings above most of these products are also available in other standard sizes, including some International A size papers on select items. Additionally, some extended paper sizes are available for certain applications. Follow the links in the tables above for specific product details and to see the full range of paper sizes available.

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When I extend the tray and add the legal paper it fits in just great.

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Okay, so I've loaded legal paper in Tray 2 and 11" in Tray 1. Will the printer know which tray to pull from when I print the applicable-sized document? Thanks much

Two color finishes are available for the Workrite Sierra Toolbar Legal Paper Tray.

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Legal paper dimensions are only to be officially found in the USA and Canada, as these are the only two countries which have not officially adopted the ISO standard paper sizes. The most commonly used sizes are known as Letter, Legal, Ledger and Tabloid. (Letter size is also known as "American Quarto" outside the USA). There are numerous other sizes and shapes of page, but these are the most commonly used.

I can't figure out how to print on legal size paper . . . how is this done ? The paper tray only holds 8 1/2 x 11.

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Second, determine what kind of or essay you are writing. The different kinds of legal papers can include: briefs for class assignments, analytical papers (term paper type), bar exam format papers, appellate briefs, and actual legal document filings. The first three types mentioned will be discussed here.