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The transition to the new workplace is made easier and more effective for both the new employee and the employer if there is an effective induction process eg; following objectives covered.

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A deductive essay is paper that presents facts and logical reasoning to arrive to a particular observation. The purpose of writing deductive essay is to access the student's ability to think logically and deduct information from facts that are readily available. To become an accomplished writer, you must understand the difference between deductive essay and inductive essay writing.

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Summing up, science is successfully combining the inductive as well as the deductive method. Mathematics is deductive in its essence - the logical proof is the proof of the working theories and laws. However, the process that mathematics employs is inductive, i.e. it hinges around the 'bottom-up' approach. In the process of research, however, the inductive process prevails. The same holds for the research paper. So, whenever we speak of a research paper, it's better to speak of an inductive as opposed to the deductive research paper. Yet, to verify the hypothesis voiced in a research paper, deductive methods will be needed.

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Looks at specific instances and culminates in the conclusion