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So much has happened. So much goodness and craziness. I hardly know how to organize my thoughts. I have a bunch of crappy phone photos so maybe I'll just paste those in.

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"You simplified project planning and gave me a clear sense of how to organize my thoughts and analyze the issues. I tend to overcomplicate this process, but your checklist works for me."
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Margaret came highly recommended and although I’d been in business for almost two years I had a lot to learn. I knew I had the skills, education, and achievements to be successful in my work but I was not able to articulate or effectively write about my specific offer. In my business, resume review, interview skills assessment and social media consulting, I was able to give the right advice, but needed Margaret to bring clarity to my business practices and language. Fortunately for me, Margaret was able to take what I had, teach me how to organize my thoughts into results and then deliver those results to my clients while enabling them to feel as newly confident as I felt. During our sessions Margaret walked me through improving my website, creating time-saving business processes, and making my offer crystal clear. Margaret also encouraged me to raise my prices and then, using positive but not pushy language, worked with me on the reasons why my services are worth that much…and more. Margaret enabled me to see things about myself and my business that I never would have seen otherwise, and certainly would not have put together to create the success I have seen in my business and in the lives of my clients. I am more confident in my skills, I know that I am worth what I charge, I know my new website will reflect both and I would recommend Illumin to anyone in any type of business at any time.

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I have so many fond memories of the Sisters with whom I continue to be in contact some 40 years after my graduation. If I could return to an earlier time in my life, it would certainly be those six years of high school and college. The Sisters were excellent teachers and role models. I continue to thank Sisters Eleanor and Dominica for my love of mathematics- a love so keen that I continue to teach advanced algebra to a group of eighth graders despite my busy ministry of elementary school principal. I wonder at the dedication of Sr. Maurus Allen and her dreaded oral theology exams. But I made it through those and am a better oral speaker today because I learned how to organize my thoughts and present an argument. Sr. Mary Ruth guided me through many a year of English and helped me improve in an area that came second to math for me.First of all, I have to say “thank you” for helping me have a life and practice on my terms. Second of all, I love how both of you offerred something different to me. and how to successfully implement and monitor systems that work. For that I am thankful! How to smile, how to feel grateful and how to organize my thoughts and actions so my personal life is in balance and for that I am thankful!He said the "hardest part" of writing the political science paperwas "getting it in order." In his final exam reflection for CollegeWriting, Victor had articulated his problem with organizing material: "Iwas always troubled by how to organize my thoughts. I found the notepad exercise[Post-it Notes] to be a great way to lay my separate ideas down and move themaround until I achieved the best setup." In his political science paper, hehad used the brainstorm list as if it were Post-it Notes, shifting the order ofhis ideas to better present his argument.The months that followed were the hardest I had ever lived through. I had never been so aware of my feelings and insecurities until they were pulled out from the back of my mind and sprawled in front of my face. I needed to learn to face my anxieties instead of ignoring them. I needed to learn how to organize my thoughts and contradict the bad with the good. Most importantly, though, I needed to create balance. As a bulimic, I was always walking on a tightrope and the slightest worry could cause me to slip and lose control. This balance involved juggling my school work, family time, food plan, job, boyfriend, and free time. I eventually would develop strategies and distractions to fill in the gaps; keeping myself busy was key. Slowly I felt safer while walking across this tightrope. My family and a few carefully selected friends were always there to spot me in case I felt like I was going to fall.
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Q: How am I able to manage my time? How do I study for a test? Where could I go to get some ideas on how to organize my thoughts and projects?

They taught me how to organize my thoughts and how to make them compelling stories

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I, who am seldom at a loss for words, started and restarted this letter to you countless times. There are so many things that I wish to say that I don’t know where to begin, what to include and how to organize my thoughts.

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My major concern is that I do not know how to organize my thoughts and translate them into a well-structured e-mail. How do I collect my thoughts and get them on screen in a way that makes sense to someone who will not know my intent?