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What follows is a set of guidelines compiled to help you avoid the most common pitfalls of essay writing. These errors in organization, grammar, and style keep you from looking as smart as you actually are — and they distract your reader, who will have a hard time seeing the interesting ideas behind your mistakes. You need to adhere to the following when writing a history paper.

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You can find various history research paper topics, sorted by category .
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A thesis statement must be falsifiable, that is, someone could plausibly disagree with it. This is as true for historical research papers as for book reviews. So, a thesis that maintains that a book's author does a good job of placing Brazilian slavery into international context is falsifiable because someone else could reasonably disagree and contend that the author did not do a good job. For this reason, it is not enough to argue that a book's subject -- or for that matter any other historical subject -- is "interesting" or "important" and leave it at that. These are simple statements of fact. How is it possible to argue against them? In effect, one would have to say something like, "No, you do not find this subject interesting!" The real question is, in what way is a subject or book interesting? Why is it important? Answers to these questions will produce a good thesis statement.

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