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Despite the fact that the requirements in modern time’s high schools are becoming less and less tough, it is hardly possible for high school students to avoid writing academic papers like a research paper or an academic essay, since developing academic writing skills and making the students familiar with the main requirements and guidelines is one of the most important objectives of high school education. A great number of high school students get an assignment to write a research paper on a topic from biology, chemistry, physics, math, or other courses. Some students feel pretty much confident and face not much of difficulties when working on an academic paper like this. Some students start feeling a bit stressed when they get an assignment from academic writing. If you want to learn more about writing a high school research paper and look for some helpful information, continue reading this article.

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When writing a high school research paper, there is a standard format that you can use. It is probably one that you were taught in second or third grade and that you have been using ever since. It is called a five paragraph essay format. This is a great format to use but it may need to be modified in order to accommodate the additional information.

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Unlike high school research papers, college research papers require a thesis statement. This is the author’s opinion, which they intend to support with their research in the paper. Consider the questions that come to mind regarding the topic: a hypothetical answer to one of these questions can be crafted into a thesis statement.

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What is the essence of the high school research paper genre? The research paper is essentially an effort to further gather information about a certain subject matter. The methods used are actual research, collating primary and secondary sources, critical thinking and a logical exposition of the facts to arrive at the writer’s thesis.

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