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Four police officers in Quebec were arrested in June due to suspected ties to organized crime. Two officers from the Montreal police force and two Longueuil policemen were taken into custody. Media reports said at least two of the officers were arrested and questioned in connection with an attack on a Montreal officer in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico two years ago. The off-duty police investigator was attacked and was beaten so badly that most of his facial bones were broken. Police say the victim was vacationing with several colleagues when he recognized two Hells Angels associates in the bar near Cancun. When he pulled out a camera to snap some pictures of them, he was grabbed and taken into a nearby tent, where he was held for several hours and beaten mercilessly. Marc-André Lachance and Shane Kenneth Maloney, two men alleged to have links to the Hells Angels, were later arrested and charged in the beating. The two Longueuil police officers arrested in the assault case aren’t believed to have taken part in the beating, but the media has reported that they allegedly have connections to the two Hells Angels associates accused of the attack.

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Ryan's dealings with the Hells Angels almost proved to be his downfall however. Two Hells Angels associates planned to kidnap Ryan's children to get Ryan to reveal where he buried his vast fortune (as Ryan didn't believe in banks) but the plan was foiled by informants and the Angel associates involved were killed, allegedly by Trudeau as well.

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Prosecutors say that Spencer and Phillips were followed by two men, one of them Daniel McRae, a Hells Angels associate who has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in Dain Phillips’ death.

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Hells Angels associates threatened the daughter of a woman who saw a dead body in the back of a ute owned by a former bikie, an inquest in Darwin has heard.The only reason a Hells Angel associate couldn't get more involved in the beating death of Dain Phillips is because his biker pals killed Phillips so quickly, a B.C. Supreme Court judge said Monday.Hells Angels associates threatened the daughter of a woman who saw a dead body in the back of a ute owned by a former bikie, an inquest in Darwin has heard.In 2001, Paul Eischeid—a one-time Charles Schwab stockbroker who entered the world of outlaw biker gangs and graduated to being a prospect—was at a party at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Mesa, Arizona. During the party, Cynthia Garcia, 44, “mouthed off” to some club members. Eischeid and other Hells Angels associates beat her, stabbed her and then drove her to a remote part of the desert and left her to die. Eischeid was charged in the case, but escaped custody after posting bond and cutting off his monitoring device while on house arrest awaiting trial. He was found in 2011 hiding in Argentina and taken into custody. He is yet to go to trial. The other associate, Kevin Augustiniak, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2012 and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.
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Among those who were subject to a peace bond was 43-year-old Rodney Sweeney, Dale’s brother, who agreed during a court appearance to abide for a year by the conditions of a peace bond. “Rodney Sweeney was observed through surveillance actively pursuing rival gang members,” wrote Winnipeg police Det. Grant Goulet in an affidavit for the peace bond bid. Goulet detailed several occasions on which Hells Angels associates, including Rodney Sweeney, “assembled in convoys to go on the hunt for rival Rock Machine members.” The peace bond against Sweeney prohibits him from having contact with up to 100 past and present alleged associates of the Hells Angels, Redlined, or the Zig Zag Crew, the one-time puppet club to the Manitoba HA. Any breaches of the conditions could result in a criminal offence and would be grounds for immediate arrest.

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Officers also began posing as prospective drug users and made 37 crack cocaine purchases from Hells Angels associates between September 2011 and January 2012. A total of 262 piece of crack were purchased for $5,140 of marked money.

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Source: Winnipeg Free Press, April 10 2012, Cops make life hell for Angels. Arrested even if they haven’t done a crime; CTV News, April 21 2012, Police issue arrest warrants for four men in connection with Hells Angels bust; Winnipeg Sun, April 24 2012, Manitoba Hells Angels associate arrested; Winnipeg Sun, June 8 2012, Rarely used peace bond issued against Manitoba Hells Angels Member