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People feel the need to find a niche in their lives. They need to find a role in life that makes them comfortable and content in their family and or their community. If they don't find this they feel isolated from society and the world around them. They feel that no one really understands them because they cannot relate to the community they live in. In The Heart is a Lonely Hunter the major characters have feelings of loneliness and rejection. They all become attached to someone they believe feels the same way they do and sympathizes with them even if reality they don't.

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“To me the most impressive aspect of THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER is the astonishing humanity that enables a white writer, for the first time in Southern fiction, to handle Negro characters with as much ease and justice of those of her own race. This cannot be accounted for stylistically or politically; it seems to stem from an attitude toward life.” -- Richard Wright

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THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER, screenplay by Thomas C. Ryan, from the novel by Carson McCullers; directed by Robert Ellis Miller; produced by Mr. Ryan and Marc Merson, with Joel Freeman as executive producer; presented by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. At the Penthouse Theater, Broadway and 47th Street, and the Murray Hill Theater, 34th Street, east of Lexington Avenue. Running time: 124 minutes.
Singer . . . . . Alan Arkin
Mick . . . . . Sondra Locke
Mrs. Kelly . . . . . Laurinda Barrett
Blount . . . . . Stacy Keach Jr.
Antonapoulos . . . . . Chuck McCann
Mr. Kelly . . . . . Biff McGuire
Dr. Copeland . . . . . Percy Rodriguez
Portia . . . . . Cicely Tyson
Harry . . . . . Wayne Smith

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
1650 N. Halsted Chicago The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter follows John Singer, a deaf man who resides in a local boarding house, and four other vivid but desperately lonesome residents in a Georgia mill town during the 1930s. Mick Kelly, a 14-year-old tomboy who dreams of becoming a concert pianist; Benedict Copeland, the town’s only black doctor; Jake Blount, a drunken political activist; and Biff Brannon, a recent widower and owner of the town’s diner and bar. As each finds solace in Singer’s ability to listen, they all unintentionally overlook their confidant’s profound isolation in this timeless tale woven from the lives of ordinary people. Weekday matinees (Tuesdays through Fridays) are reserved for school groups only, with weekend (Saturday and Sunday) performances available to the public. There is, nevertheless, much to admire about the film, especially Alan Arkin's performance. After more than a decade as a folk singer and theater actor, Arkin had been nominated for a Supporting Actor Academy Award for his feature film acting debut in the comedy (1966). His poignant portrayal of John Singer in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter earned him the New York Film Critics Award, a Best Actor Oscar® nomination (he lost to Cliff Robertson, who won for ), and unanimous critical raves. According to Renata Adler of the , "Alan Arkin, as Singer, is extraordinary, deep and sound. Walking with his hat jammed flat on his head, among the obese, the mad, the infirm, characters with one leg, broken hip, scarred mouth, failing life, he somehow manages to convey every dimension of his character, especially intelligence." Judith Crist wrote in New York magazine, "With The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Arkin comes into his own as an actor, and a very fine one at that....It is all in the eyes, the hands, the inclination of the head, the turn of the torso that Arkin slowly and surely -- no instant characterizations here -- unfolds the 'dummy' and exposes the complexities of a voiceless man who observes and responds to human agony but is denied the surcease of telling his own."
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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The desire for and inability to communicate mark the haunting theme of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. This is the tale of a mute ironically named Singer, who not only is deprived of the recipient of his innermost thoughts and feelings but who now, in turn, becomes the uncomprehending focus of the thoughts and feelings of everyone surrounding him.

John Singer is the focal point of the other four main characters in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

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According to , "Translating to the screen the delicate if specious tragedy of Carson McCullers' first novel was clearly not an easy matter. Nor an entirely successful one, either. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter emerges as a fragmented episodic melodrama, with uneven dramatic impact and formula pacing." Perhaps the novel, like many of McCullers's works, was not suited for translation to the screen, since much of the character development and emotions are inward and unexpressed.

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Along with her first novel, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter,Carson McCullers's third novel, The Member of the Wedding,and the play adapted from it remain her most enduring literaryachievements. Born in 1917 in Columbus, Carson McCullers revealedat a young age the creative genius that would distinguish...