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As students begin writing their dissertation, they need to seek out all of the help that they can get. For many students, free online papers are used as examples of what to write. Although these papers are readily available, students should be cautious in using them. Read through the following five facts to learn about using online dissertations.

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I subscribed to the online version () for about a year until I realized there really wasn't much of a difference between the paid site and free site, not to mention the coverage of stories was limited compared to other free online papers in Texas (such as the Dallas Morning News), which included more details and other information about events.

When I attempted to discontinue my subscription by calling them I could never get a person on the phone. Eventually, the only way to end my subscription was to get a new debit card so they couldn't charge it anymore. NOW they are blowing up my email, USPS mail, AND phone constantly to get my money.

The phone call I received this morning is from a marketing company called "A Marketing Resource" out of St. Paul, MN. When I attempted to call this company to get my number off their list all I got was a recorded message telling me "an agent would call me back" (NOT WHAT I WANT) and to "call the newspaper if I have any issues my subscription," then there's an opportunity to "leave a message after the beep." I left a message for them to stop calling me lest I report them to the federal government for harassment. This is the service you get from AAS. Total crap.

AAS management really needs to communicate with their business side of the house as it's only ruining the reputation of the paper.

DON'T DO IT! The headaches associated with even TOUCHING AAS are not worth it at all.

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A directory of 4638 free online papers on consciousness in philosophy and in science, and of related topics in the philosophy of mind. The papers in this directory are drawn from , a database of both online and offline works on these topics. Compiled by David Chalmers and David Bourget

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