So maybe, just maybe, Free Inquiry is your ticket to salvation …

And in my opinion, he would undoubtedly want you to read Free Inquiry. Why? Because let’s face it … a guy that smart wouldn’t want to spend eternity with anyone dull enough to blindly believe in him!

So maybe, just maybe, Free Inquiry is your ticket to salvation …

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Good news! It seems that the BCA has dropped its libel case against Simon Singh – this is a huge win for skepticism & free inquiry! Here are the details…

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I think the reason why I like this curious nature in children is pretty simple: to them the world is so new and fresh, everything is wondrous and interesting. In addition, they come at things so much more openly and honestly than most adults, because they are ignorant in the truest sense of the word and have no embarrassment whatsoever about asking direct questions about pretty much anything. To them, no subject is off limits or taboo; they manifest the spirit of free inquiry in its most unblemished sense.

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Regarding free speech on campus: I recall the forming meeting at a local Catholic college for a major or concentration in feminist studies. I asked why a priest's (extremely popular) course on sexuality was not included as a course for which one could get credit for this concentration. The leader of the group said: Maybe we don't agree with the priest and the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, a course on feminism and sexuality had as a required course a strange book on sex by Foucault, a strange person cited by Stanley Kurtz (writing on Leo's essay) as a contemporary force against free inquiry. And one member of the committee who worked in the library, having failed to get the head of the library to remove from the reserve shelf (where it was spotlighted as something students might want to read) an article critical of feminist studies, tried to get the committee to petition the library to have that item removed from the reserve shelf. An act of insubordination against the library head in the name of speech repression.
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T1 - Free Inquiry and Academic Freedom: A Panel Discussion amongAcademic Leaders

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… and I’m sure that some jerks will come up with many much more offensive images than that which are specifically designed to offend. Fine by me – being a jerk is well within the bounds of free speech; but, in my view, being a jerk isn’t what DMD should be about… it should be about promoting free inquiry/expression. What is bothersome to me, more than anything, is the notion among some of these radical Muslims that any depiction of Muhammad is somehow offensive, and that to spare them from “offense” everyone else (including many moderate Muslims) should cater to their whims. It is also worth noting that the image of Muhammad has been depicted countless times over the course of history, even by various Muslim cultures – this is an important detail the radicals would rather have you not know!

2. embrace your fundamental freedoms – such as the freedom of inquiry & expression. This means you’re going to have a fight on your hands.

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If you look at these Free Inquiry arguments objectively, they are particularly weak—many are merely abusive ad hominem arguments. If this is the best they can do, then it really demonstrates the logical weakness of their own belief system.