two of my favorite things: cats and Forrest Gump references.

But I get docked points from Logan (like I worry about that) for talking about non-episode stuff, so onto the race itself. (Hey man, the point of these recaps aren't always about recapping anyway, am I right Season 4?). As the episode starts, we go back in time from the ending of the last one and see Gino and Jesse, and then the rest of the teams land on the mat as Jon tells them it's an extended leg. Go grab a ferry to PEI and then fly to Sudbury. And boohoo, the ferry doesn't leave till 8 the next morning so everyone catches up. This would be great spot for some interteam drama, especially for those who were U-Turned. But there's nothing. Too bad, I like it when that happens. All we get is Brian telling Cynthia once again to "Punch it Chewie." Not sure if you noticed, there's been a few movie quotes this season, two "Punch it Chewies" and two Forrest Gump references. Does CTV or Insight have to pay for that? You probably don't care but it's stuff I think about it.

First things first, are you sick of the Forrest Gump references

Especially with the Forrest gump references, Jenny Criag, and Jenny from the Block

(PRAISE to Forrest Gump references!) Hoping you all are well,

On the track, the Tupac enthusiast and the trio who brought us "Versace" set off with a body-shaking bass and a round of applause that's been seamlessly crafted into a super-addictive beat. The verses in particular are solid (Bieber's crooning definitely makes for a perfect foil to Migos' rhymes) and somehow manage to combine mortgages, vegetarianism and Forrest Gump references in under a minute, so that's an achievement in and of itself.

It doesn't block bad Forrest Gump references, though

The dinner of today was absolutely amazing, and even more so for Forrest Gump fans, because we ate at Bubba Gump's (?). We knew the restaurant was on peak of some sort, but we were all amazed at how far the train took us up the mountain and how great the view was during dinner. The restaurant was filled with Forrest Gump references, such as the signs on each table saying "run Forrest, run!" which turned to "stop Forrest, stop!" when flipped, indicating that you needed a waiter.

Trey Gluth,& His Forrest Gump References In Second Period Spanish.
Trey Gluth,& His Forrest Gump References In Second Period Spanish. 17 likes. :)

What are Historical References from Forrest Gump

Located next to the pier's main entrance, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company delivers exactly what it promises: boatloads of the cholesterol-laden crustaceans and more Forrest Gump references than you can shake a box of chocolates at. Bubba Gump's Chicago outlet is one of 31 worldwide and the look of the place gives you the feeling there's a standard layout for each. The mildly southern nautical décor is augmented with numerous stills from the movie and other bric-a-brac. A better bet, weather permitting, is the , which runs along the front and side of the restaurant. You'll get prime people-watching real estate and also a quick departure point after the Wednesday (9:30pm) and Saturday night (10:15) fireworks, which run June 3rd to September 6th.

and the always necessary Forrest Gump references became a part of both of our lives

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Now, as a Jen myself, I would think that my people would shy away from Forrest Gump references

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