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We develop a simple algorithm for detecting exam cheating between students who copy off one another’s exam. When this algorithm is applied to exams in a general science course at a top university, we find strong evidence of cheating by at least 10 percent of the students. Students studying together cannot explain our findings. Matching incorrect answers prove to be a stronger indicator of cheating than matching correct answers. When seating locations are randomly assigned, and monitoring is increased, cheating virtually disappears.

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Kyoto, one of the highest ranking universities in Japan, concluded that it cannot rule out the possibility of examinees cheating by accessing the Internet on Apple Watches and similar devices.

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The Dutch team suggested a network security model incorporating several digital remedies for countering exam cheats. These include checking which programs are running, measuring traffic levels, monitoring candidates’ screens, searching for, and stripping out, superfluous software, installing upstream firewalls and, of course, training network staff. But cheating is not that common: is such high-tech really necessary?

A WELL-RESPECTED Gold Coast high school may be about to name a student caught up in an exam cheating scandal as its dux.
Microsoft is one of the biggest targets of exam cheaters and “braindump.” One in March found 328 braindump sites selling Microsoft certification exams, more than any other vendor’s tests. Cisco exams were being sold on 326 braindump sites.
This is not the first time the law on state secrets has been used in a case of examination cheating.

1,000 detained in India over exam cheating

is tackling certification exam cheating in a big way, with harsher penalties and a data forensics program that can find cheaters through statistical analysis of their exams.

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1,000 detained in India over exam cheating: Police, AsiaOne Asia News

Microsoft typically sues in civil court rather than pursue criminal charges. It’s hard to convince law enforcement to take an exam cheating case because it’s not as “sexy” as software piracy, according to Crowley.

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However, legal experts say that the country’s secrecy laws are vague compared to similar laws in other countries and point out that it is hard to see how exam cheating can threaten national security or national interest.