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As I said earlier that it is the research that makes a great euthanasia thesis.

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Rather than attempting to legalize active euthanasia, we should be informing the public of the choices already available and focusing on the real solution of making the end-of-life a painless, meaningful experience. With this knowledge, patients would have more life options and immediate death by lethal injection would not be requested. The time and resources used to persuade people to permit active euthanasia throughout the United States could definitely be put to better use. We could be educating Americans on the need for a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care to make their end-of-life wishes known. Ideally, doctors and healthcare providers should actually talk to their patients about having a living will without making the patient come to them first. By law, as a patient is admitted to the hospital they are given information on a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, but perhaps this is not enough. The awareness of end-of-life wishes may be better accomplished by public seminars, television advertisements, or requiring education through drivers license holders, as it is for organ donations. These documents of advanced medical directives are options for a better end-of-life experience, but there are many more choices already existing. Through education the public could be made more aware of these options (Learn About).

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Controversy over euthanasia creates a problem because people are exhausting valuable time, energy, and resources on trying to legalize euthanasia when the existing laws are already adequate. Euthanasia is the term most people associate with helping someone commit suicide, yet this assisted suicide, or mercy killing, is more accurately defined as “active euthanasia.”

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medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds recently, euthanasia resets these

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Sanctity of life: A person is entitled to kill himself, or at least the law has no way of punishing him if he does so. Problematically, patients requesting euthanasia tend to be unable to killing themselves in a respectable and clean manner (e.g. KCl to the heart) and therefore need outside assistance. Thus, the subject matter of euthanasia is the assistance, and not the actual suicide by the patient. By legalising this outside assistance, you make a clear political and moral endorsement of a private activity intended to end a life. In essence, you are saying that if you have a good reason, you are entitled to end a life. Killing people has long been the sole domain of the state. While some exceptions do exist in the private realm, e.g. private defence as a legal defence to murder, in these cases the law still condemns the act while excusing the perpetrator. By and large, you wish to limit these activities to preserve the social norm that life is supposed to be precious, failing which you allow room for development towards a more liberal approach to killing others for various good reasons. Can I, for instance, kill a willing volunteer as part of a political protest and argue that preventing me from doing so is against my rights to free speech? Can I commit human sacrifice of willing victims, and claim the right to freedom of religion and the victims' right to autonomy?

euthanasia for the elderly was an approved custom in several ancient societies .

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Intention: The strongest justification for euthanasia is the principle of autonomy. Frequently, people in such dire straits are not people in their fullest capacity. They are pumped with drugs 24/7, trapped in a bed, heavily dependent on people around them, and in constant pain. Killing somebody merely to relieve their pain is obviously not a sufficient reason. In cases where the patient is incapacitated but obviously still under severe pain and suffering, you simply do not pull the plug unless you can honestly say that is what the person wanted, or if you prefer a lower threshold, that would have been what the patient wanted if that patient had capacity to consent. You simply cannot justify killing someone against their will, for their own good. Ultimately however, the only justification for sanctioning the killing of someone would rest on that persons own autonomous decision to end their own lives. How could you possibly ensure full and informed understanding of the decision at hand from such a vulnerable population? It is well known that sick people suffering from pain frequently consent to risky operations without fully caring about the risks or understanding what the operation entails. We tolerate this lapse of full consent because ultimately these operations are objectively in the objective best interests of the patient. Are we willing to tolerate this in cases of euthanasia? Can we justify killing someone while knowing that they are never making the full and autonomous choice which we require?

perspective will favor euthanasia or the "right to die," the second perspective

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To those who would oppose euthanasia might consider this as an appropriate antithesis statement: Euthanasia is nothing less than cold-blooded killing. Euthanasia cheapens life, even more so than the very divisive issue of abortion. Euthanasia is morally and ethically wrong and should be banned in the United States. Modern medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds recently and euthanasia resets these medical and technological advances back by years and reduces today’s medical doctors to administrators of death.