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Question: How did House know that Dr. Perlmutter (the guy whose badge he wore to the convention) was in Canada that weekend? Did he research Perlmutter’s whereabouts before he gave the euthanasia speech?

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Instead of answering, as if on cue, he started the euthanasia speech. When I most needed to know about death, I was talking to someone who made a career of avoiding it. His words blurred together, I'd heard them so many times. "You have to look at the quality of life…can your pet still enjoy life?…it's best to put them to sleep when the pet can no longer do what it used to do and what it wants to do…"

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Pope Benedict delivered an anti-euthanasia speech this week, saying that people must accept death at the hour chosen by God. And then he rode away in a heavily-armoured, bulletproof car.

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