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A persuasive essay is writing to persuade the reader to understand an issue or stance. When deciding on a topic for your argumentative essay, you should feel strongly about your opinion. Use a mix of evidence types, from statistics, to other studies and anecdotal stories. This part of your how To Start An Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia paper could be any length, from two paragraphs to two hundred pages. Re-state your position as the most sensible one in your summary paragraphs. After describing the "other" side, you will present your own viewpoint and then provide evidence to show why your position is the correct one. Select your strongest evidence and present your points one by one.

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This time around, the students seemed much more apprehensive about the status of the elderly in their society, and not without reason. Indeed, given China’s aging population—the fact that people above the age of 60 now account for 13.3% of China’s total population and the number is still rising — it is no surprise that topics involving the elderly were the most popular, with students offering essays on euthanasia, nursing homes, and the retirement age.

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