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I writing an expository essay on media in the courtroom for class I am completely at loss. I was wondering is there ant suggestions on how I would compose an outline and who was the author of this article, when was it publised, and has it been updated. I will like to know any information that anyone can give me on this topic and help with a grammatical thesis.

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"Media companies continue to grow, and a shrinking number of them shape what we view and read. What does that mean for journalists -- and for the nation?" An alphabetical list of media companies and the subsidiaries they own, including magazine, newspaper and book publishers; and radio, television and cable companies. Also included is an essay on media concentration and links to the Web sites of each major media company. From the Columbia Journalism Review.

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By knowing what the requirements are for the essay, it will save time on what research needs to be done. For example, if one is required to write an essay on media ethics, it will save time researching on what media is.