V Duggleby, English Paper Money (4th edition) (Spink & SonLtd 1990)

Loughton nowadays has 2 town centres, 3 secondary schools, 12 main and an industrial area to the east of the town. Main employers are the (where all English paper money is made), and Clinton Cards. Retailing is a major activity.

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What 'exactly' is English paper money made from

ENGLISH COUNTERFEIT PAPER MONEY Probably the first thing that springs to mind when the word counterfeiting is mentioned is currency. Not coins - they re not worth the effort - but banknotes. A tiny percentage...

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In the West, more specifically in England, the origin of English paper money is the hand-written receipts given by goldsmiths in exchange for cash deposits. In 1694 the recently founded Bank of England adopted those goldsmiths notes as the basis of its own. The note was issued for the full amount of the deposit and was endorsed by the Bank cashier. Its text was also printed in a cursive script, reminiscent of the hand-written goldsmith’s notes. Over the next few decades, the medallion of Britannia (Henshll, 1994), (based on the Bank’s corporate seal), a distinctive watermarked paper and the “sum block” showing a pound sign followed by the amount were introduced (Kranister, 1989)

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B prefixing the ref number a Bank of England note. Ref # is from `English Paper Money' by V. Duggleby

English Paper Money - from Pound Notes to White Fivers

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T prefixing the ref number undicates an English Treasury note. Ref # is from `English Paper Money' by V. Duggleby

DUG, Vincent Duggelby, English Paper Money

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