Effectiveness of Negative Political Advertising

ABSTRACT. The mainstay of the paper is formed by an analysis of the impact of advertising on voter choice, the expressive value of voting, voting as a fundamentally social behavior, and the relationship between voters and women candidates. The theory that I shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on the partisanship of the individual who is exposed to advertising, the effects of political advertising on vote choice and candidate evaluations, the relationship between advertising and vote choice, and the realities of women's underrepresentation in political life.

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In the sections that follow, we will first provide some background on the scope and extent of commercial and political advertising and the regulatory environment in which advertisers operate. Next, we describe recent scholarly research into the content and effects of political advertising. We then describe our experimental methodology for assessing the impact of political advertising on receptiveness to commercial advertising and summarize the findings. Finally, we consider the implications of our evidence for the current debate.

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Prior to examining the effects of political advertising on affective reactions to specific product ads, we present the mean net affect score for the product ads (averaged across the American Airlines and Advil ads), the positive political ads, and the negative political ads (see Figure 3). Clearly, the product ads elicited more positive reactions than political ads with the advantage being especially pronounced in the case of negative political ads. The product ads elicited a preponderance of positive reactions (a mean value of .14 on a –1 to +1 scale). At the other extreme, negative political ads elicited generally negative reactions (a mean of -.15). Positive ads were rated in-between, the mean score of -.04 indicating a virtual tie between positive and negative reactions.

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the effects of political advertising in isolation from other campaign activities


This study investigates the potential effects of political advertising on voters

Effects of political advertising

Next, we describe recent scholarly research into the content and effects of political advertising

Effects of negative political advertising on the political process