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We have here the start of a new day and season. For the inhabitants of Green Town, especially Douglas Spaulding, summer is a change in the world, a sudden burst of life. Notice the incantatory nature of the second sentence, building each detail within a clause, then ending with a trio of comforting words about "the breathing of the world" - a foreshadowing of Douglas' recovery from too much summer in Chapter Thirty-Six, when the power of life and its implications threaten to overwhelm him. Douglas is made aware of mortality and death almost immediately after becoming aware that he is alive. He faces the ravine in this passage:

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Douglas Spaulding wakes up at his grandparents' house, where he is allowed to sleep over one night a week during the summer. Taking in the sensations of the morning and looking over his view of Green Town, Douglas calls out the waking of the town's various residents. In this manner, the summer of 1928 began.

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Douglas Spaulding is a twelve-year-old boy living in Green Town, Illinois. The summer starts with Douglas coming to the realization that he is alive, and he rejoices in the beauty of everything around him. The dandelion wine that he makes with his ten year old brother Tom and his grandfather represents that beauty. At the end of June, July, and August, they press one small bottle for each day of the summer. Douglas is ready to enjoy the magical life of summer, but something is missing. He needs new sneakers. Douglas does not need new sneakers because he wants to look good or because last years pair is out of style. He needs new sneakers because the Royal Crown Cream-Sponge Para Litefoot Tennis Shoes have the magic that he needs to run like the wind and bound through the world. Douglas tells Mr. Sanderson, the shoe salesman, the importance of the sneakers to him and his passion is so great that the old man is transported briefly back to his own childhood, when he wanted to run like gazelles and antelopes. The man is so thrilled by Douglas's speech that he gives him a list of errands to run in exchange for the new shoes. Douglas is now ready to run through the town and its ravine, the gateway to the wilderness, with his pals Charlie Woodman and John Huff.

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If anyone needs to be reminded of why epiphenomenalism is indeed a problem, letme explain with an analogy, taken from a (deservedly forgotten) Ray Bradburynovel called Dandelion Wine. Early one morning, Bradbury writes, twelveyear old Douglas Spaulding climbed

(As Douglas Spaulding; with Ed Weinberger) Picasso Summer, Warner Bros./Seven Arts, 1972.

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The themes of life and death become entwined with raw fantasy in Dandelion Wine. One of the first experiences of young Douglas Spaulding is to realize that the pure, unbridled energy, emotion, and fantasy of the summer make him truly alive. (Bradford 69) The pure, unadulterated fantasy of life and joy in Dandelion Wine gives a more than magical feeling to the book and leaves the reader wishing that he or she lived in this world. (Bradford 69) One of the reasons that the fantasy of Dandelion Wine is so appealing is that Bradbury masterfully crafts the expressions of fantasy that everyone takes part in, such as dreams and the inner world of the mind, into a recognizable whole and masterfully expresses it in Dandelion Wine. Fantasy comes easily to Douglas Spaulding, shown by fact that that realization that he, along with everything else, is truly Alive. This realization heightens his senses and expectations of the summer to come. But along with fantasy, happiness, magic, and life comes death. Death plays a major role in Dandelion Wine as the Unseen One, a semi-mythical murderer and kidnapper, takes people from the town and hideously mutilates them in a deep, dark, and fearsome ravine. While we do not directly see the Unseen One, his dread exploits are often mentioned. Douglas takes little heed of the warnings and goes on life as always, but the adults seem deeply troubled by the presence of the Unseen One. The presence of death seems to be equalled out by the mystical, magical fantasy of Douglas' summer. (Bradford 69) Douglas seems to not take as much notice of death and it seems to have a lesser thrall over him because of his fantasy. While death does not necessarily seem wonderful to Douglas, he notes it along with everything else in his fantastical summer, and Ray Bradbury expertly gives the same sense of wonderment to death as he gives to life. (Bradford 69)

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Bradbury's later short story collections were not as well received as his earlier work. Although Bradbury used many of the same methods in writing these stories as in his science fiction works, he shifted his focus from outer space to more familiar earthbound settings. Dandelion Wine (1957), for example, has as its main subject the midwestern youth of Bradbury's main character, Douglas Spaulding. Other collections include A Medicine for Melancholy (1959), The Machineries of Joy (1964), I Sing the Body Electric! (1969), and Long after Midnight (1976). Many of Bradbury's stories have been filmed for science fiction television programs such as The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.