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Ads related to dickens christmas costume

Ads related to dickens christmas costume

Women's Dickens Costume - Adult Costumes

Designed specifically for country club or corporate family programs, the evening begins with eight carolers in Dickens costumes strolling from table to table, singing all the traditional carols. Then our accompanist plays a lush orchestral overture for our program. During the 45 minute show, we lead the audience in song, tell the stories behind the tunes, and even conduct a singing competition. The complete package includes eight singers for two hours, our accompanist for one hour, a sound system, song sheets for everyone in the audience, and prizes for our contest winners. Also available in an adult version with more of an emphasis on WWII-era sentimental Christmas songs.

Dickens Costumes - ChristmasVille in Rock Hill, SC

"Through the Years" traces the history of Christmas music, from traditional carols through the pop hits of today. "Christmas Music from the Stage & Screen" features holiday songs that got their start in theater productions or in the movies. "Christmas Around the World" highlights the holiday music from many lands. Programs of thirty minutes to an hour can be tailored to your exact needs. All programs include eight singers (in Dickens costumes or tuxes & party dresses) and our accompanist with his rich, orchestral sound. Sound system included, too.

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Charles Dickens Costumes Halloween costumes are not just for kids anymore

Dickens Christmas Costumes - LoveToKnow

If you're participating in a production of A Christmas Carol or attending a Victorian-themed holiday party, you have plenty of options for Dickens Christmas costumes. You can buy or make period outfits for men, women, and children, as well as emulate the costumes of the beloved characters that populate the stories of Charles Dickens.

Victorian & Dickens Costumes ..

Christmas and Dickens Caroling Costumes

* Ladies Victorian Dickens style costume

* Size 14 - 16 approx- please see measurements

* Bustier with adjustable straps. Chest measures from 38 inches with room to expand and waist 34 inches

* Skirt has button fastening - waist measures 34 inches

* White long sleeved cotton chemise with elasticated neckline and waist. Chest is free size up to 54 inches, waist measures 32 - 48 inches and length 64 inches

Victorian Dickens Nancy Costume - Complete Costumes, Costume Hire

Charles Dickens Tailsuit Costume Maroon

There's nothing quite like the classic charm of A Christmas Carol, and you can channel the characters and times of Charles Dickens with costumes that are perfect for the era or the story. There are plenty of great options out there, so take your time choosing one that will be perfect for your needs.