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Saying out loud that I wanted to be a writer was a huge step for me. I’m dyslexic. I’m a terrible speller and often I get words and sentences backwards, so not only did I have to learn how to write, I had to learn how to deal with my dyslexia. But you know what? I think being dyslexic helped me with my writing. It helped me understand people’s emotions, which is so important in developing characters in fiction. Plus, being dyslexic forced me to work harder, and that led to my viewing a rejection as an invitation to try harder.

Developing Characters in Fiction Worksheets, Creating Characters

Developing Characters In Fiction Worksheets

Developing Characters in Fiction

A descriptive introduction is often important for developing characters in fiction. It is even more important for you, the writer. Many writers, myself included, often think of ourselves as being shy or introverted. Writing is a form of expression that is well suited to those of us who work best alone. But at times it is necessary to put aside our natural shyness and take center stage.

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Sociology or Psychology
The setting of a piece plays an important role in the work’s overall success and so too do the characters. It is the characters you develop and examine within a piece of writing that can truly make or break a piece for your readers. It’s not difficult to admit that, as readers, we typically connect most strongly with the characters in body of writing. While setting and plot play an essential role, if we truly support a character we’ll follow them no matter how flawed the story becomes. It is with characterization that college classes in psychology or sociology can play a very helpful role. Gaining a general understanding of how the human mind works can be very useful when developing characters in fiction. College Sociology classes can help you to develop more realistic and dynamic interactions between all of your characters. When we write, there is always an element of realism. We want to create characters that are believable no matter how fantastic, wild, or unreal they really are.

A descriptive introduction is often important for developing characters in fiction
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It helped me understand people's emotions, which is so important in developing characters in fiction

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