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this app creates a revision timetable which is best for you, helps you manage your time, gives advice on things such as exam worry and what to do on the day of an exam and makes sure you revise a certain subject the day before that exam takes place! Great for anyone who has a tough schedule because it only gives you amount of revision time you are able to do. I suggest is app to anyone who wants to be efficient with their revision time. A great amount of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders this exam season!

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Click "Create" to create your revision timetable. The site will create it automatically. You can access the timetable at the site, or you can choose "Save As" to save it on your computer.

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You've created a revision timetable, but it just doesn't seem right. You're sticking to it exactly, but you wish it was just that bit more accurate and really did help you make the most of your time. You're revising pointless subjects and missing out on vital revision time, or it's just too much to deal with! Fear not, this is how you can improve your revision timetable.

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How to create a revision timetable and revise effectively?

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