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Somehow I find it difficult to see how the author can postulate that tieing Christmas to commercialization is good. Perhaps he is just trying (like many Christians) to justify selfishness and greed by misuse of Scripture. Let's face it, Jesus would not by amused by witless bimbos fighting over video games for their children, or neandertal men punching each other over a half-price tv. Sorry, your article doesn't ring true.

Christmas and commercialization

Christmas commercialization is deeply ingrained in this society

Christmas commercialization is a First World problem

Cartoonist Charles Schulz first brought his expressive Peanuts comic band to life in this great television special, a smart skewering of Christmas commercialization, Charlie Brown’s sister Sally still asks Santa for cold hard cash and a sincere celebration of holiday sanctity, all set to Vince Guaraldi’s iconic jazz piano.

Christmas commercialization is no modern phenomenon

Concern about the commercialization of Christmas is most pronounced among evangelical Protestants (64% of whom are bothered by it), followed by Catholics (60%) and mainline Protestants (57%). More than four-in-ten seculars
(44%) find Christmas commercialization bothersome.

More than four-in-ten seculars (44%) find Christmas commercialization bothersome.
I am of a conflicted mind when it comes to Christmas commercialization

The commercialization of Christmas - Connecticut Post

While that was a tad off topic, I really needed to point it out mainly to highlight another way that this time of year has become such a vapid excuse to sell as much stuff to us as possible. While Glee does this in a slightly more upbeat and musical way, it still is an example of Christmas commercialization. The point here is that Glee presents a case where minority identity and culture become subsequent to majority belief systems and seasonal commercial patters of commodity.

The thing that started the whole “Christmas commercialization” was Dicken's Christmas Carol

The commercialization of Christmas is the fault of us Christians

The blatantly fake appearance of these trees isn’t what gave these trees an ironic spin though: it’s my collection of ornaments. With only the one exception of a saluting sailor, all of the ornaments I hang on my clearly artificial trees are connected to specific products and/or businesses. The tree is designed to look jokingly commercial to send an opposite message about Christmas commercialization; holidays are about people we love, not about stuff we buy.

I just view it as a natural response some have to the Christmas commercialization machine.

The Commercialization of Christmas (Infographic)