Relatives Scale Walls to Help Indian Students Cheat in Exams

*Goverment is involved in this to spoil education you look back history there is not any polilcy to stop cheating…. i appreciate musharaf tenure where no one dear to do cheating in exams… even teahers,parents and students are favours cheating systems…*

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People cheat exams because at times you may prepare/read very well, yet still fail your exam. I am in 300 Level in UNIBEN. I had to block my courses to pass 200 Level because I probated twice in a row (even though I always used to read in 200 Level)

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Dear Sir
The great problem fully missed on this quite sensitive issue is the growing of specialized groups outside the academy and schools involving professional students , instructors, officers,militaries etc, all given support (solving exams's questions!) to the branche of Professional criminal Mafias specialized in selling "help" in real time and on line for all those students ready to cheat exams -really high tech electronic gadgets are used -professional spy stuf !
Certainly, things are getting more and more subtle and worse!. By now, it is widely suspected that there are many Instructors involved in such Cheat Mafias who receive considerable amount of bribery dirty money and benefits just to make exams more and more difficults ,but with the clear target on stimulating such new criminal mafia market on Colleges and Universities.
But worse of all is that all those students using such criminal protocol of "helping in exams and class works assignements" in an apparent innocent way , end up sooner or later deeply involved in others criminal Mafias activities branches like ;Making pornographic adult movies, traffic of drugs, prostitution , etc...The mobsters only "help" those students that are ready to get dirty as "security key " of the cheat action !.Very devilishly indeed !.

We all cheated in exams sometimes, some people maybe too often. But this is how kids of new generations cheat in exams.
Many students ask how to cheat exams. Some think the key is studying. What rubes. Some think the key is

Opinion: Why University Students Cheat In Exams?

Bushenyi. The deputy Vice Chancellor for Kampala International University Western campus, Prof Emmanuel Karooro, has asked government to introduce Senior One pre-entry exams to fight cheating in Primary Leaving Examinations.
Giving an example of Makerere University Law School which uses pre-entry exams to admit students to the law course, Prof Karooro said if introduced in secondary schools, the system could help to eliminate pupils who cheat at Primary Seven.
Prof Karooro made the remarks at World Teachers’ Day celebrations last week at St Kaggwa Boarding Primary School in Bushenyi District.
“Our children have fresh and able minds, we should not be found helping them to cheat exams because we were not helped to cheat,” Prof Karooro said.
He attributed the examination malpractices at Primary Seven to stiff competition among schools.
“This habit of cheating makes students vulnerable. They keep on cheating up to university level, we must work together and fight it in order to produce good and genuine results,” said Prof Karooro.
He warned Resident District Commissioners and other officials against threatening headteachers with dismissal for failing to get first grades.
The Bushenyi District education officer, Mr Saul Rwampororo, said those who would be caught cheating exams for pupils would be penalised.

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How to Cheat in Exams or pass any Test without getting caught

DANIEL: Our recent podcast details a number of amazing ways students have developed to cheat on exams and essays, suggesting that cheating is happening much more (and in more sophisticated ways) than we would like to admit.

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This video takes you through some extremely important steps, to teach you 'how to cheat in exams without getting caught'.
For that the essential parameters are :-
1) Preparing the cheat papers.
2) Hiding them at different parts of your body.
3) Indexing your cheats.
4) Taking the out in the exam hall with CONFIDENCE.
To see our process of implementation, do have a look at our video.