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Button, Port, and Sensor Accessibility. A poorly designed case can impede the many buttons and ports around the outside of the iPhone. Likewise, the touchscreen and Touch ID feature (a fingerprint sensor in the home button on newer iPhone models) may not function properly when covered by a screen protector. The best cheap iPhone cases let users operate the phone just as easily with the case on as they can without it.

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Concerned about the cheap price meaning cheap case. Looks really sleek though.

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Selling my old rig, but my cm 690 has some broken ports and I want to replace the case for the new buyer. Looking for a nice, cheap case, that can fit a full size mobo with a hyper 212 on it.

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One solution to getting the computer quieter is replacing the cheap case fans and fans your computer comes pre-installed with and installing quieter fans. The amount of noise a fan emits is measured in ; for example, a fan with 21.8 dBA is going to be much louder than a 19.0 or 12.0 dBA.

I like this idea...get a cheap case to suss out the size of the thing before buying it!
There's no denying it: An iPhone is a big expense. Even with a low upfront price under contract, the current models cost many hundreds of dollars to replace. Users naturally want to protect their phones; Apple has that 78 percent of iPhone owners buy cases. After spending so much on the phone and plan, many consumers don't want to drop another $100 on a case, but the cheapest iPhone cases don't provide sufficient protection. Look to spend between $10 and $20 for a case that will keep an iPhone safe through the daily grind.With all the decent and sophisticated models of mobile phones you buy, your responsibility increases as you don’t want your costly phone to have scratches or to get its screen broken. We offer a wide variety and different colors of superior looking covers which will fulfill all your needs and take away the responsibility from you. These cheap phone cases are available in different colors and are made of high quality durable plastic so that your phone is protected from scratches. All of these covers are shock resistant and specifically designed for different models to give an easy access to speaker, mic, camera, keypad and connectors.The (starting at $9) and the (starting at $10) are some of the cheapest iPhone cases we found, but they get low marks for construction and fit and reportedly fail to protect phones from damage.This inexpensive wallet case from is only $20, making it a great cheap iPhone case, and comes in a variety of cool colors so you can easily protect your iPhone 6 in style. It’s made with 100% classic smooth vintage style PU leather and has a few built-in card pockets so that you can conveniently stash some cash and your ID and credit cards in. It even features imbedded leather casing for additional grip and protection against drops.
They can keep it at that price. Better cheaper case options out there for third of cost.

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When shopping for a cheap case study, consider the purpose of the case study. If you simply need one to use as a model, you might be better off asking your professor if you can use a sample. Many professors have excellent samples that they are willing to share with their students. Case studies are usually only assigned at the collegiate level, so most students have no idea how to write them. Professors usually do not teach writing skills; they expect that students graduate from high school with the skills to write every type of paper. If you have never written a case study, you should visit your professor and explain your problem. Your professor should be willing and able to explain exactly what you case study should contain.

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This UniGrip case looks like it is perfect to me; it is a super cheap case for a super cheap tablet. Why spend more than the price of the tablet just to get a case. This isn't an iPad and so this case would be ideal:

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Cases made of flimsy plastic can crack or chip easily and don't provide much cushion. Countless cheap iPhone cases fit this profile; the Incase Snap Case is but one example.