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“” is a hotbed of highly transmittable ideas that will get you comfortable using a variety of traditional and contemporary media to push gifted students into deeper literary responses that go beyond bland book report assignments.


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Phyllis Ling shares his frustration. She said she fears her 17-year-old daughter, Amira, is not college ready because the district isn’t offering her the tools she needs such as working computers and book report assignments. Ling said Amira, a high school junior, has lost confidence that she will graduate on time.

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I wasn’t always a good student. In second grade, my teacher periodically gave book report assignments to the class. We were supposed to read a book at home and then write about it. I believe there was a worksheet we had to fill out describing the book’s plot and characters. I remember that we also had to draw a picture of what we imagined one of the scenes looked like.

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Learning how to write book report assignments is simple. consists of the following sections: Introduction, Body, Analysis, and Conclusion. The introduction must list the book's title, author, publisher name and location, and copyright date. It can also contain some information about whether the book belongs to a series, whether it is the author's first novel, or other information about how this book relates to the author's previous work.When writing book report projects one must give facts about the book and discuss the mechanics of the story from the setting and characters to the plot and conflicts. A book review is merely an opinion and while the two will share information and details, writing book report assignments requires a more in depth and unbiased study of the book.Writing book report assignments can be a daunting experience for many students. Those who have trouble writing either didn’t comprehend the book to where they can write intelligently about it or make the mistake of writing instead of writing book report papers.When students need help with their book report essays, they typically try to find aid from their friends. Teachers, of course, are out of the question; they are much too busy to cater to the book report needs of individual students. Parents are little help, either – they just want you to do the work yourself! The problem with going to friend, though, is that most of them aren’t any more interested in the assignment than you are. The last ray of hope for these students lies in the internet – but we aren’t talking about sparknotes. We’re talking about book report help sites that are more than capable of aiding students with their toughest book report assignments.
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- reading 3 books simultaneously. It's famine or feast over here in the reading department. How's treating you? Book report assignments will be handed out later this week! Have I mentioned how I think that, while TPB is rather epic and well-written, it might not be on the same level as, say, ?

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Your 1st book report assignment consists of an oral presentation in which you devise and deliver a speech that ultimately persuades the class to either read or not read the book you have chosen. You have the freedom to develop and organize your presentation how ever you choose provided that you address the material required on the book report rubric. You must also include a 14 X 22 inch posterboard that clearly illustrates your positive or negative position, displays the book’s author, title, theme, and important quote, and three symbols that represent your reasons why we should or should not read the book. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience and develop your own sense of voice, creativity, and persuasion.

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Some students also make the mistake of not including examples or quotes from the book when writing book report assignments. Sharing this information makes it clear that the book was not only read, but understood as well, and that is typically the purpose of any book report assignment.