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In a book narrated by Death I was surprised at all the colour. Zusak uses the pages of this book to paint a picture in every possible colour. Similes and metaphors are communicated in colour and emotions too. I wonder if he is synaesthetic. It is the poetic language of The Book Thief that lifts it from the populist to the literary (sorry for sounding like a snob!). Quite frankly, it is beautifully written.

An extraordinary book narrated by Death himself

Sure, a book narrated by death could be horribly dark, gruesome, morbid

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: A book narrated by Death himself

I just finished reading The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. awesome book. Someone mentioned something about how this isn't the only book narrated by death. I'm curious to know other authors take on the perspective and the character of Death.

it's a book narrated by death during the holocaust

I saw the movie a few days ago and bought the book immediately afterwards. I agree. Having the book narrated by death was unique... and I just can't explain it. The author's way with words is just amazing and he's Australian too ;) It sure is sad but I'm glad I read it because it really is a life changing book :)! I'm now an obsessive fan :P! 01:33, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

books narrated by death?
This book is brimming with optimism and life, not bad for a book narrated by Death

The Number One Book Narrated by Death

"Ten terrific books, something for everyone from love story (The Time Traveler's Wife) to thriller (The Shadow of the Wind), strong drama (The Kite Runner) to a book narrated by Death himself (The Book Thief); a difficult choice to choose just one. I have, now you must. It is interesting to note that of the ten, seven have been filmed. Good films though they may be, none of them can portray the full depth and strength of the novels so if you have seen the film, now read the book and glean so much more from it."

I won't spoil this for you, but The Book Thief is a book narrated by death

How often do you have a book narrated by death

How can you not love a book that starts: “Here is a small fact. You are going to die”. I read Zusak’s book when it first came out and was hooked from that line. I love his writing. It is completely audacious, when you think about it, a book narrated by death, but never once does it feel wrong. His writing is so natural, so fresh, and so completely unique. It’s the tale of girl called Leisel and her acts of book thievery in Nazi Germany. It stares the brutality of war and death down the barrel, unflinchingly, while somehow, so wonderfully, celebrating words and all the beauty in our brief lives.

You might think a book narrated by Death and set in Nazi Germany would be ponderous and depressing

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