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Well, it’s been quite a few years since my college experience, but that experience and the subsequent years have shown me that the basics of being successful in college have remained the same. I know you have so much reading to do for your classes, and if you’re like me, you do like to attend the occasional party or two. So, I’m offering a list of ten tips that I know will help you, regardless of what stage you are in your college career.

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5 Important Tips for Being Successful in College | AnsonAlex

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A large part of being successful in college is knowing (pdf). But while higher education is different, students can start preparing now in a variety of ways — by , taking or .

Important Tips for Being Successful in College | AnsonAlex

Below you will find more specific information on classes thatcan serve as your laboratory for being successful in college. (Note that all Academic Strategies classes are offeredCredit/Non-Credit.)

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When I first began to consider writing this blog on tips for being successful in college, I have to admit, it was a daunting task. I thought back to my early college experiences, being away from home, living out of town, being a small fish in a large lake of overachievers. I remember feeling so excited about being able to have an electric typewriter with the most updated correction features—computers were quite new to everyone and considered a luxury item, plus their basic purpose at that time was for word processing or data collection. I remember having to actually pour through the college brochure, find my major of interest, and plot out a four year plan for completing all of my coursework. I recall getting involved in all kinds of campus activities—program council, homecoming, student activist groups, and of course, the parties on Greek row every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night! I also remember getting a rude awaking with midterm grades, having to curb my desire to be the most successful social butterfly from Kansas, and figure out why my professor was torturing me with Organic Chemistry.
can help you master the process of getting into, paying for, and being successful in college

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TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a program that provides support and guidance to you during your time at Sandburg and helps you transfer to a college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Being successful in college takes a lot of work and there are many decisions to make along the way that impact your future. We are here to advise and guide you to keep you on the right track in pursuing your goals. We want you to be successful and we will help you in any way we can to make that happen.

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Taking dual enrollment coursework is a great way for you to get a head start on meeting college graduation requirements while receiving additional consideration in USF's application process. Please know, however, that once you begin enrolling in college courses, you establish a postsecondary record that will follow you forever on official college transcripts. Not only might you lessen your chances to gain admission to USF if your performance in these courses is poor—even in a single dual enrollment course—your grades may affect your chances for admission to graduate, law, medical or professional school in the future! As a rule, therefore, USF requires an applicant to have a minimum postsecondary GPA of 2.50 (unweighted) in dual enrollment courses to be considered for (and maintain) an offer of freshman admission. On the positive side, we provide additional consideration to those applicants with a postsecondary GPA of 3.00 or higher, as they have proven themselves capable of being successful in college-level work.

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Being successful in college is different than being successful in high school. Just as each stage of your pre-college education expected you to be more independent and capable of more than the last, college also expects you to be more accountable than high school. Making the most of the opportunities you'll have in college to increase not only your independence, but also your initiative, will serve you well when you enter the workforce after school.