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Once we move the whole business of academic papers online there really isn't any point for the whole formal journal model at all. Academics spend huge amounts of time reading, evaluating (for themselves) and digesting academic articles. Currently virtually all of this effort is wasted because only the 2-3 official reviewers' judgements have effects easily visible by the community at large. Given nice reputation based rating and classification software with the ability to comment and discuss we could reduce both the time spent reading irrelevant articles, improve the accuracy of peer review by harnessing more eyes and increase the overall efficiency of academic work by using comments to avoid the duplicated work by everyone trying to understand a hard paper.

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Recently there is has been a lot of controversy surrounding the trend of students purchasing their academic papers online instead of completing them on their own. To me this signifies that there is something wrong with the educational system that students feel that they need this kind of help in order to acquire a passing grade.

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For instance, look at other academic papers online to get a feel for topics but also the appropriate academic paper outline required. However, after looking at options for an academic research paper online you still feel uncomfortable with the writing portion of the project consider having a professional academic writer assist. While some students breeze through researching and writing academic papers, others excel in research but find writing extremely difficult.