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Write two 4-5 page essays; choose ONE essay topic from the options under"A" and ONE from the options under "B"; both papers are due at the endof WEEK 15 (or earlier if you like).

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2) 50% (for two 5 page essays, see below)

In Enlightenment England, prominent thinkers argued that fairy tales were unsuitable for children, but as the Victorian era dawned, many authors insisted that these stories were critical for children's intellectual development. In this course, we will examine the forces that led to this shift. How do these forces intersect with tensions caused by industrialization? Nationalism? Social propriety? Class divisions? Gender roles? Colonization? In addition to literary works, including the Grimms' fairy tales, the Arabian Nights, and literary fairy tales written by authors such as Dickens and Ruskin, we will consider nonfiction essays by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century thinkers. Through written and oral discussion of issues raised in these works, students will develop their ability to participate in academic dialogues. Formal writing assignments in the class will include two 4-5 page essays, a proposal and annotated bibliography, and a research paper. Since audience and dialogue are central to this course, peer review and self-assessment will play important roles in the writing process.

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      d. Caption. These can be as long or as short as you want (please no 5 page essays though). Every caption should include:

65, 3-5 page essays written by Chesterton on various topics

Students are required to write two 4-5 page essays on Celia, A Slave and Brown v

The first 5 page essay will be peer edited

December 28, 2009, 7:44 pm, The bulk of your grade is two 5 page essays and a 12 page term paper

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